Deputy gives safety tips on how to react to home invasion

Deputy gives safety tips on how to react to home invasion

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County deputies made another arrest Thursday in a case where a homeowner was tipped off that someone was burglarizing his home.

There have been several incidents over the last couple of months in which someone came home and surprises thieves or thieves trying to get into a house while the residents are home.

Authorities know this can indeed be a frightening situation, but it's important to always, always be aware of your surroundings.

Authorities say if you come home, notice a strange car in the driveway or see that a car or window is open that you didn't leave open, do not go inside. Instead, leave the home until you are a safe distance away, but with your home still within eyesight.

Call 911 and as you wait for authorities to arrive, keep an eye on the house so that if you see anyone leave, you can get a description of the person, the car they leave in or the direction in which they are travelling.

"If you walk up to your house, everything looks OK and you go in but hear someone in there, get out," Chief Deputy Randy Christian said.

Christian says the main goal is to keep you safe.

He encourages you to try and get the best description of suspects that you can. That is what will help authorities have the best chance of recovering your property.

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