Contractor arrested on explosives charges, CCHS at State

Contractor arrested on explosives charges, CCHS at State

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Contractor arrested on explosives charges

What a strange twist late today to that story out of Pell City where we all watched in horror and amazement as that 100-year old smokestack refused to be blown up, then almost killed a track hoe operator when he moved in to pull it down with the machine. Now, that demolition expert/track hoe operator is in jail tonight facing explosives charges and we're digging hard into his background and on WBRC FOX6 News at 9 we hope to learn more about why these charges are being brought.

Cougars playing for Class 6A title

And Clay-Chalkville is going for a repeat in the 6A AHSAA Football championships tonight, we're live from the stadium for our final edition of Sideline which starts at 10:08!

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