Coyote sightings reported on Lakeshore Drive in Homewood

Coyote sightings reported on Lakeshore Drive in Homewood

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - It's something you don't see everyday.  Two coyotes resting in plain view, in broad daylight, for anyone to see.

"It strikes me as a bit unusual," said Robbie Hurst of Homewood Animal Control.  "They don't want to have human contact.  But because this is just such an urbanized area, they're going to get accustomed to what's around them."

Hurst captured a picture of two coyotes resting in the front yard of a house on Lakeshore Drive.

After the photo was posted on the animal control's Facebook page, neighbors began sharing it and warning each other to watch out for their pets, especially smaller ones.

"Coyotes are going to gravitate towards them because they look vulnerable," said Hurst.  "Even inside a fence, especially a 4 foot fence, people need to be observing their pets.  And once they're done outside doing what they need to do, they need to bring them in."

As for why these particular coyotes were so brazen, Hurst can't say for certain.  She thinks it has to do with some nearby construction.

"You start upsetting their habitat and they're going to come out. They're going to move," she said.

Hurst has cages she uses to catch smaller animals, but nothing big enough for coyotes.  

Her best advice?  Keep your distance.

"There is really nothing that the city can do with regard to the coyote population," she said.

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