Supporters, detractors react after Gov. Robert Bentley cuts Planned Parenthood funding

Supporters, detractors react after Gov. Robert Bentley cuts Planned Parenthood funding

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Planned Parenthood supporters are concerned about the services the organization offers following Gov. Robert Bentley's announcement Thursday that the state would no longer fund Planned Parenthood.

Opponents say this is a good move and believe Alabama residents will be just fine without it.

"I think it's a great decision and I think it's within his legal right," Deborah Garrett from Eagle Forum of Alabama said.

Garrett said Bentley's announcement was motivated by the recent release of undercover videos allegedly showing Planned Parenthood employees pricing fetal organs and tissue. Garrett stands behind the governor.

"I think it's showing people's reaction across the state of Alabama, as well as the country, to what is happening with the exposure of violation of human rights that Planned Parenthood is doing," she added.

But, Alex Smith with AIDS Alabama disagrees.

"It's just incredibly disappointing," Smith said.

He said the governor is not making the right move.and believes the organization offers services that are desperately needed in our state.

"While Alabama's support or funding of Planned Parenthood only amounts to about $5,000 over the past two fiscal years, that may seem insignificant, but those are services that help people within the state with healthcare that is desperately needed," Smith added.

Garrett argues there are clinics across the state that offer healthcare services similar to those offered by Planned Parenthood--such as cancer screenings and contraception.

"There are 131 [organizations] that are federally funded that offer all of these services and there are 73 that are run by charitable organizations, so there's really no need at all for Planned Parenthood," Garrett said.

"I really do hope those continue to thrive with the funding they receive," Smith said. "Hopefully there will be a surge of private and public support for organizations that offer those vital basic services."

Governor Bentley sent a letter to Planned Parenthood informing them the termination of funds goes into effect in 15 days.

Planned Parenthood says it will continue to operate as normal.

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