FOX6 OYS investigates football helmet safety

FOX6 OYS investigates football helmet safety

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - From junior varsity football teams to the NFL, the safety of football helmets is under an increasing scrutiny, and the long-term effects of concussions have many parents concerned.

If your child plays on a middle or high school football team, do you know who's responsible for keeping their helmet in the top condition?

FOX6 Sports reporter Britton Lynn investigates football helmet safety in a four-part series.

First, she visits the only helmet reconditioning and recertification plant in the Southeast, where helmets are inspected and checked for good performance.

She explains how reconditioning might keep your child from a serious head injury.

Plus, she sheds light on the lack of statewide rules and regulations when it comes to football helmets for middle school and high school teams.

Then, she explores how you can help keep your child safe education, inspection and a proactive approach.

She also tackles how to keep helmets clean by testing which household cleaners work best at killing bacteria.


Part 3: How to keep your helmet clean

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