Saban, Clark say UA/UAB game out of their hands

Published: Sep. 23, 2014 at 12:04 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 29, 2015 at 12:04 AM CDT
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UAB coach Bill Clark. (Source: WBRC video)
UAB coach Bill Clark. (Source: WBRC video)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban is considered by many to be the most powerful man in college sports. But in Birmingham on Monday, Saban said scheduling UAB to play the Crimson Tide is out of his hands.

Saban said when he coached at Michigan State University and at LSU, he made it a point to play other state schools on a rotating basis. "Here I don't think it's my place to make the decision about whether we should or shouldn't do that. I'm not opposed to it, but there is a philosophy above my pay grade," said Saban.

UAB supporters continue to point to UA System Board member Paul Bryant, Jr. as the chief obstacle to the two schools playing.

Last week, UAB fooball coach Bill Clark said he would like to see the matchup. "You know, we would love to play those guys. I said it would be great competition. One of the great programs in the country. Anytime I think we can play somebody in state would be wonderful. Let's see how it works out," said Clark.

UAB employee and state representative John Rogers has his own theory why the game has not been scheduled. "Because Alabama is afraid of UAB. They are really a coward. They are scare of us. We will play them in the ally with the car lights on. We just want to play them," said Rogers.

Rogers has sponsored a bill in the past and plans to do so again to force the two schools to play. Rogers says Alabama should play UAB since it would financially benefit the school which needs financial support. "I double dog dare Nick Saban to come here and play us at Legion Field. We will send them home a loser. Just like at LSU," Rogers said.

UAB beat LSU in 2000 when Saban was coach. Rogers and other UAB supporters believe their chances will increase for scheduling the game when Bryant, Jr. retires from the UA System Board of Trustees next year at this time.

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