Drivers find other options as ALDOT closes parking under I-20/59 bridge

Drivers find other options as ALDOT closes parking under I-20/59 bridge
Source: Sherea Harris/WBRC
Source: Sherea Harris/WBRC

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Hundreds of commuters and visitors will be searching for alternate parking on Tuesday as ALDOT blocks off spaces underneath the I-20/50 bridge in downtown Birmingham.

Forty years ago, ALDOT and the City of Birmingham entered into an agreement to allow the right of ways under the bridge to be used for public parking.

But the agreement says either side could end the agreement with 90 days notice, which is what ALDOT did earlier this year.

They said it would be unsafe for drivers to continue parking there while the bridge is rebuilt in the coming years.

"It is going to be very inconvenient," said Jasmine Taylor.

Taylor is one of the many people who enjoyed the hundreds of close, free parking spaces under the I-20/59 bridge.

The entrances to the current parking areas will be barricaded on Tuesday morning to prevent access.

"It's going to be really insane because it's just not a lot of parking here," said Taylor.

A lot of people feel the same way, but according to BJCC officials there are actually plenty of other parking near the facility including three parking decks:

- One of them is the Boutwell Auditorium parking deck on 19th Street. It has 1,600 spaces.

- Another is the East Parking Garage on 22nd Street. It's next to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

- There is a West Parking Lot with 190 spaces. It's on 19th Street right across from the BJCC.

There are also five different lots for BJCC parking across from the Uptown entertainment district, but you have to pay $8 to park in those parking decks.

"I'll definitely still come to the BJCC, but from now on I'm going to definitely have to plan ahead," said Taylor.

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