Magic City Mural Collective hopes to strengthen community around art

Magic City Mural Collective hopes to strengthen community around art

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If you've driven around the city of Birmingham on any given day you may see people like Creighton Tynes painting away on random buildings.

"You're exposed to people on such a different level," said Creighton.

Since last year, Creighton, other area artists and complete strangers have been putting their talents to work creating murals for the Magic City Mural Collective.

They painted one at John's City Diner with the popular slogan, "It's nice to have you in Birmingham."

The idea came from a friend of Creighton's after visiting a music festival with similar murals.

"I think someone was going to commission a mural and they were going to use outside artists and I said, 'No we can do it. The local artists can do it,'" said Creighton.

If you've driven through Woodlawn you may have noticed the very first mural to go up.

Will Upchurch works across the street from the painting and said it's a welcome sight.

"Definitely adds character. I think it shows that more attention is being paid to certain areas," said Upchurch.

For Creighton the murals are more than creating a piece of art. They're about creating a stronger community.

"We were right by Smithfield Projects and I met my friend Pookie, Ms. Louis there's people on the corner and they come out and there's foot traffic all day and eventually someone says, 'What are you doing?' and you start a conversation," said Creighton.

The next big project for the Magic City Mural Collective is their largest mural yet along the side of Trim Tab Brewery.

If you would like to join in on the artwork you can find more information on the Magic City Mural Collective's Facebook page.

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