Doctor creates tourniquet that could save lives

Thanks to the help from a Birmingham doctor, thousands of soldiers may stand a better chance of living on the battlefield. Dr. John Croushorn used to treat emergency medicine at Trinity Hospital. Croushorn has teamed with Dr. Richard Schwartz of the Medical College of Georgia to develop the Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet.

"That is what the Black Hawk Down wound working on the guy and they couldn't stop the bleeding. He ended up dying," Dr. Croushorn said.

The devise straps around the mid abdomen of a wounded soldier. Pressure is applied and blood flow is cutoff to the legs.

"There have unfortunately been a number of wonderful Americans who have died in combat cause the wound they have no treatment," Dr. Croushorn said.

The US Food and Drug Admistration has approved it.

"We could stabilize it. We could hold it around somebody and it would not move and it completely stopped all of of blood in the descending aortic around the belly button where the aortic splits to go down to the legs," Dr. Croushorn said.

On the battlefield today a similar situation would force medics to put their knee on the mid-section for similar pressure. Dr. Croushorn says studies may open the door for the devise to be used for those in car accidents or hurt from tornadoes.

"A number of institutions are interested in studying it. Number of trauma centers are interested in a study of it is exciting about it being helpful in a number of areas of medicine," Dr. Croushorn said.

The US military has made orders for the devise.

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