Getting kids back into the school groove can be tough

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - As summer begins to draw to a close, parents need to start changing kids' routines to get them ready for the new school year.

"Returning to the routine of the school year can be overwhelming for adults and students," says Josh Klapow, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist who teaches in the UAB School of Public Health. "During the school year there's a sleep schedule, a tighter timeframe for performing household chores and the sense of fewer hours in the day. Altogether, this can lead to debilitating anxiety."

Klapow says the key to success in returning to school is preparation. Children will gain new routines over the summer months and breaking those can be extremely difficult. With planned adjustments, the process can be accomplished with less stress.

The biggest tip for parents is to go ahead and adjust bed times. Also, reading books daily can help children readjust to homework. Klapow adds that keeping composed during the transition will be a tremendous help.

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