Massey reveals thousands of dollars given to lawmaker in exchange for services

From Staff Reports

MONTGOMERY (WSFA) - At Monday's bond revocation hearing for Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley, it was revealed that Jarrod Massey, a lobbyist had been involved in illegal activity for years.

While on the stand, he said that he was giving $1,000 to $2,000 each month to Rep. Terry Spicer for years to compel others on the legislature to use his consulting services.

Both Ronnie Gilley and Massey were speaking to Sen. Scott Beason of Gardendale while he was wearing a wire. Beason was reportedly offered $1 million a year for his public relations firm if he were to vote for the pro-bingo legislation. It is unclear exactly who the money would come from.

At the hearing there was also discussion about the nature of how Gilley and Massey used their cell phones. Gilley had an employee go to Walmart to buy a pay-as-you go cell phone, and the prosecution argued that he did so to try and prevent law enforcement from tracing calls.

At the heart of Massey's involvement was that Gilley had offered him a $1 million stake in a Mississippi casino operation.

The defense tried to show that Massey was just trying to get payment for his consultant services that he had done for Gilley, and since he didn't receive payment, he started cooperating with federal investigators.

As to whether or not Gilley's bond would be revoked, prosecutors said Gilley violated it by getting in touch with Massey. Massey said there were calls and emails between the two of them.

As of late Monday afternoon, there has been no discussion of a plea and there has been no decision yet, and court is still in session.

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