Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken

Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken*

*We will be substituting Salsa Facil for our Green Chile Sauce in this recipe because it is something the home cook can prepare and it goes well with the chicken. In the restaurant it will be served with the Green Chile Sauce.  


Salsa Facil


INGREDIENTS                                                              QUANTITY

Chicken Broth                                                                   1 qt + 1 cup

Water                                                                                1 qt

Salt                                                                                    3 tbsp

Roasted Green chiles                                                        5 LB

Roma Tomatoes, diced                                                     2 1/2 lb

Cilantro, diced                                                                  4 oz

Serrano peppers, minced                                                   4 oz

Lime juice                                                                         2 oz

Water                                                                                1 cup

Cornstarch                                                                         4 tbsp

1.      In a saucepan, add chicken broth, water and salt; place over a medium to high heat

2.      In the same pan, combine roasted green chiles, diced roma tomatoes, diced cilantro, minced serrano peppers and lime juice

3.      Using a stick blender, very quickly, blend the mixture to a chunky texture. This should be approximately 3-4 seconds. The sauce should NOT be pureed

4.      Leave sauce over medium to high flame and bring to boil

5.      Combine water and cornstarch in mixing bowl and set aside

6.      After sauce begins to boil, lower flame to simmer and allow reduction for approximately 10 minutes. Froth will be accumulating and evaporating from top. Stir occasionally

7.      After sauce has simmered, slowly add water/cornstarch mixture to hot sauce and simmer for 5 more minutes stirring slowly.

8.      Remove from heat and pour under and over the fried chicken

Note – this will be a somewhat thin sauce




Elvis Fried Chicken

Ingredients                                                                    Quantity

4-6oz chicken breasts, not marinated                                       4

Plain potato chips                                                                    1 large bag

Buttermilk                                                                                2 cups

Cheddar/Monterey Jack Cheese mixture                                              1 1/2cup grated

1. Wrap chicken breasts in plastic wrap and pound thin with a mallet or pot

2. Heat oil on medium in large frying pan

3. Crush bag of potato chips

4. Coat each breast in buttermilk and roll in potato chips until completely coated. May need to apply hand pressure to ensure chicken is fully covered

5. Place chicken breasts in frying pan and cook until chicken is fully white inside. Chips will appear golden brown. (Can also cook in 350 degree fryer)

6. Once cooked, set chicken on paper plates/paper towels to drain for one minute

7. Top chicken with Salsa Facil, cheese and serve with rice and refried beans