Police presence to be higher during the holidays

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - You may want to slow down and be on the lookout for police as your travel this holiday. They will certainly be on the lookout for you.

About 175 extra state troopers are patrolling highways for the rest of this month. Jefferson County is also adding to their patrols.

The sheriff's department says they are not just trying to cut down on speeding, they are also looking for DUI and drug arrests. Even if most drivers are not carting around chemicals, Chief Deputy Jim Roberson says they are driving with something almost as dangerous to other drivers, the stress of the holidays.

 "I think if all of us looked at our schedule over that 2 week period just before and after Christmas, you'd see that most of us have something scheduled every night, that's something sandwiched in between work and sleep. So yeah, I think there is additional stress brought on by the holidays for that reason," said Roberson.

So far, Roberson says traffic is about even with last year's pace, but it is only going to get worse heading towards Friday and Saturday.

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