"Cam-fever" merchandise could cause "Cam-celed" eligibility for Auburn

AUBURN, AL (WBRC) - One of the biggest football stories in the state this year has been the success of the Auburn Tigers and the rise of their quarterback, Cam Newton.
Business owners looking to cash in on "Cam-fever" are actually breaking NCAA rules, says Auburn University. The university says those rules prevent anyone from making a buck off of the likeness or name of a college athlete. That means t-shirts like these could make the QB ineligible.

An Auburn University spokesman says they are taking action.

"As long as we're doing everything we can and what we need to do from a compliance and licensing standpoint, Cam Newton and all our student athletes will be fine," said Scott Carr with Auburn University athletics. "They'll be in good standing with that NCAA, but it's certainly something we monitor as an institution."

Carr says this is something every university deals with. The t-shirt maker responsible for the "War Cam Eagle" shirts says he is stopping production.

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