An Alabaster Church treats single again Moms to a day of pampering

By Katie Hererra

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) - The Healing Waters Church in Alabaster treated single-again moms to a day pampering Saturday. It was called "Love in Action" outreach.

For many of the women who attended, the opportunity to sit back and relax was well overdue.

"I think it's been since December, so it's been a while," said Debrah Langford. She is raising three grandchildren, works outside the home and helps with her husband's business.

But with the help of the Love in Action volunteers, women like Langford received a little TLC in the form of manicures, makeovers, massages and haircuts. The volunteers also took time to pray with the women individually.

"It kind of builds my self esteem up," said Greta Bush. She has battled drug and alcohol addictions for years. But after some pampering and group prayer, Bush said it could be a step toward a new life.

"I'm just trying to get my life back. This is a time to get away from our struggles and stress, and I've just really enjoyed myself," said Bush.

Volunteers said they could see the attention having a great affect.

"Some of the women came in, and their face was kind of down and low. And when they came out, their faces were smiling and bright," said Susan Galey, director of the event. "All of us volunteers that put in this work, we're the ones that get the blessing."

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