Local missionaries return from Uganda

By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A missionary trip is cut short because of an act of terror.

A group of 7 americans survived one of two bombings in Uganda that killed a total of 76 people earlier this month.

The missionaries with Ashbury United Methodist Church are now back home in Birmingham safely after the ordeal.

"It was one of things where at first you knew what it was but you didn't what to believe it, said Jay Clark.

Disoriented and in shock is how Jay Clark and Allen Nunnally describe their state of mind moments after the first bomb went off.

"You wake up out of it you just see puddles and puddles of blood on the floor and mangled people. Blood on the walls," said Clark. "Its sheer terror in everyone's eyes and that's how you know this is real, it happened."

The terrorist attack happened at a restaurant where people were watching the world cup.

The missionaries got out quickly, fearing another blast would go off. Fifteen people were killed in that restaurant.

"We all walked out completely untouched, so all glory and praise to God," said Allen Nunnally. "We were so thankful he was protecting us." We all immediately prayed and we're so thankful to be alive."

Though still shaken by the experience, there were bitter sweet feelings coming back home because the group didn't fulfill the purpose of it's trip, which was to help the orphans.

"I had a hard time saying bye to the children," said Nunnally.

But the act of terror hasn't shattered their passion to serve. They are going back to Uganda as soon as it's safe.

"I believe when you are called to do something like this especially by God there is no option to quit." "We are in this we have strong ties there." "We have a ministry there that is unfinished, " said Nunnally.

All of the staff and children at the orphanage weren't hurt. The orphanage is located in an area that was impacted by the bombings.

Allen and Jay are communicating with the staff by internet and phone.

The organization is called SOZO Children International.

If want more information about the orphanage or you want to donate money to help the children, visit their website at www.sozochildren.org

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