Terri Sewell defeats Smoot for 7th District seat, will face Chamberlain

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - In the District Seven congressional race to replace Artur Davis, Birmingham attorney Terri Sewell defeated Jefferson County Commissioner Shelia Smoot on the Democratic side of the race. Don Chamberlain won the Republican nomination by defeating Chris Salter.

It was a festive atmosphere at Terri Sewell's headquarters as she pulled off a very convincing win. The Seventh district is known to be a heavily democratic district. About 85% of registered voters in the 7th Congressional District are Democrat.

Sewell says she is not taking anything for granted and she knows the issue that is number one on voters' minds leading into the fall. "Jobs. Jobs and turning this economy around is going to be the number one issue facing the 7th congressional district and congress, frankly," said Sewell. "So, we'll be talking about job opportunities, our job plan, our job platform and how we are going to create opportunity and bring hope to the 7th Congressional District."

Sewell says she is taking nothing for granted and she will be back out on the campaign trail starting in the coming days.

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