Expect to see a price increase in seafood

By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -  The seafood industry is taking a major hit because of the oil disaster. Consumers will soon see higher prices for fresh seafood because there is less shipped from the gulf.

Despite the oil disaster, demand is still increased for seafood. But because the supply is limited, fish markets and restaurants are paying more for products.

It was a matter of time before the extra cost would have to be passed down to customers.

Prices for shrimp, oysters, and tuna are all going up.

At Satterfield's Restaurant, some entrees have gone up a dollar or two. And at Sexton Fish Market, folks are paying more by the pound for fresh seafood, mainly grouper and crab meat.

Consumers are noticing the increase.

Some say they understand, but they are also keeping an eye on how high prices go.

"I would be willing to pay some more. If it gets really high I don't think I would," said one customer.

The fear is that the oil will continue to spread to other parts of the gulf, putting even more seafood in danger.

"We are worried and guests are worried our menu might have fewer seafood dishes on there," said Kevin Moore, the general manager of Satterfield's Restaurant.

Some folks are worried about buying contaminated seafood.

FOX6 was told only safe areas of the gulf are open to fisherman, and afterwards, seafood will be thoroughly inspected.

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