Chilton County peaches to hit shelves soon

By Sherea Harris

CLANTON, AL (WBRC) - At one point, worry and frustration set in over the signature fruit of Chilton County, the peach, but worry no more.

If you've been to Durbin Farms Market, you know those little baskets of peaches are now on the shelves. They're ripe and ready to go.

Growers were delayed picking them because of the recent cold snap.
The farmers of Durbin Farms Market started picking the peaches at the end of May.
The peaches were two weeks late making it to the shelves of the market which affected his sales.

Owner Danny Jones says there are now many different varieties of peaches ripe and ready to go.

"We (have) probably picked around ten percent of our peaches so far. So that lets you know we got ninety percent to go," said Danny Jones, Owner Durbin Farms Market. "We'll be picking until September."
Jones hope to recoup the loss in sales during what could now be an extended peach season.

Though the frost caused a set back for Durbin Farms the cold weather didn't cause any harm to the crop.
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