Bomb-like device used to attack Irondale policeman

By Sherea Harris

IRONDALE, AL (WBRC) - Investigators are looking for a suspect they say tried to attack an officer with a bomb-like device.

It happened just before 7:00 at Colonial Village at Trussville Apartments. That's actually part of Irondale, not Trussville.

The Irondale police officer involved in the incident is fine and he's lucky he wasn't seriously hurt.

The officer was sitting in his patrol car, which was parked in the apartment complex.`He was working a security guard shift.

At some point, a plastic bottle wrapped in aluminum foil was tossed at his car by someone on foot.

The device hit the pavement next to the officer's car and exploded, sounding like a shotgun blast.

The homemade device is described by authorities as dangerous and similar as a chemical bomb.

The officer was not able to get a good look at the suspect as the person fled on foot.

Police will take the device and process it for evidence.

If the officer had his window down with the device landing inside his car, he could have been seriously hurt.

Police are taking this seriously. The ATF was asked to assist in the investigation.

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