Travel tips for Bama fans flying to Pasadena for the national championship game

Thousands of Alabamians will be flying to Pasadena for this week's national championship game....but be prepared to wait if you're flying out of Birmingham.

"We're looking at about an additional 2000 passengers this week," said Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport spokesperson Toni Herrara-Bast.

With 13 extra private charter flights on top of added direct to LA Delta flights, the airport says its as ready as it can be, but is warning passengers flying anywhere this week to arrive 2 hours before your flight leaves.

"Everybody's ready for the volume, so we plan on doing our very best to make sure the travel this week is still pleasant," Bast said. "We are asking passengers to remain patient as they are going through the TSA screening line as well as working with the airlines."

Airport officials have added staff and are asking travelers to check the TSA's website for packing tips so that screeners can scan baggage quickly. But with heightened security in the wake of an attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day, be prepared to be patient.

"Patience is probably the biggest key to making travel pleasant, and I think all our passengers are going to have such a great time and they're looking forward to going out to the games, so it should be a pleasant wait, full of energy," Bast said.

Some smart packing tips include packing your suitcases in layers so that screeners can search them quickly to make sure they're safe.

Also, be sure you have liquids in the appropriate clear containers if you're carrying them on with you. For more tips, check out the TSA"s website, you can find it in the "Seen on TV section of