FOX6 On Your Side Q&A - Mine Safety

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) Federal and State Mine safety officials continue to investigate why a lack of oxygen led to the death of one person and the injuries of several others at Jim Walter Mine no. 7 last week.

We have received many emails from viewers concerned about this recent incident in brookwood. The wife of a coal miner who didn't share her name says "I do believe there should be more done about the safety"

According to the Mine Safety and Health Regulations Office there have been 34 operator injuries so far this year. I pulled 112 inspections for mine number 7 which has been cited for violations 41 times. several violations deal with air quality, accumulation of combustible materials, ventilation controls, among other things.

Michael Monahan, spokesperson for Jim Walter Resources says "The safety record at mine no. 7 is slightly below the national average. Safety is very important to us. As always, our goal is to achieve a zero incident rate."

Monahan says the incident is still under investigation. If you would like to look over the incident and injury reports go to