Representative Cam Ward introduces new child abduction act

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) – Representative Cam Ward of Alabaster announced on Wednesday the introduction of the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act. The act is aimed at preventing child abductions in Alabama.

In Representative Ward's press release on the issue, it states that the majority of child abductions are perpetrated by family members.  The new act would provide Alabama with a tool for deterring domestic and international child abductions.

Several factors will be taken in to determine whether a child is at risk for abductions. If a court determines a child to be at risk, it will enter an order containing provisions designed to prevent abduction.  If an abduction appears imminent, a court can issue a warrant to take the child or direct enforcement officers to take steps to locate and return the child.

The Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act will be considered by the Alabama Legislature when it reconvenes in January 2010.