Bargainomics deals

These great deals come from the Bargainomics Lady Judy Bates at

Twin-sized bedspreads are super inexpensive and are a perfect fit as a lightweight covering for a full-size platform bed or on a regular full-sized bed when you add a bed skirt.

Cluster, don't fluster! Bargainomics isn't just money management - it's time management, too. Why not save both? Instead of breaking up several different days or taking off work several different days for regular check-ups at your doctor, eye doc and dentist, synchronize all those appointments. Schedule them for the same day, making sure you space them far enough apart to allow plenty of time. If you end up with free time between the appointments, use it to run errands or maybe get your car's oil changed. Make all that travel time count by getting a good audio book from the library you can listen to in your car while you travel. And since you'll be stuck in all those waiting rooms, take along: (1) a notebook so you can create or update your to-do list; (2) a book to read; or (3) cards you need to write.

This is big money, but it's a seriously good deal. This week Best Buy has a $2799.99 Sony 52-inch LCD HDTV for $1799.99 - that's $1,000 savings. PLUS this includes delivery within your nearest Best Buy store's local delivery area. AND right now with any $1,499 or higher Sony TV purchase, you also get a FREE Geek Squad Home Theater setup. No, you don't get a free home theater system, but they'll set up your TV and connect up to 7 components like your satellite or cable box, DVR, etc. - this is worth up to $250.

If you're in the market for a super nice set of stainless flatware, has a $750 46-pc. service for 8 in their Julliard pattern for $225. And there's FREE SHIPPING on any purchase of $99 or more.