Jeffco Commission stuck in 'limbo'

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County Commissioners say that they are stuck after the Alabama Supreme Court's ruling that the previous occupational tax is illegal.

The tone at the Jefferson County Courthouse has been reported as 'frustrated'. Workers, commissioners, and citizens all share in this frustration.

The Commission was hoping to find a way to acquire a bridge loan to get workers back, but found that the answers would not arrive in time for Wednesday's meeting. A key attorney for the Commission was not able to make it to the courthouse for the meeting. This attorney also was instrumental in determining the impact of the Supreme Court's ruling.

As for paying back the collected occupational taxes, the County Commission says that is not a priority. They say the priority is getting workers back to their jobs and services up and running.

Commission President Bettye Fine Collins added that due to the uncertainty of the situation, she does not think workers will return to their jobs soon. Commissioner Shelia Smoot offered that workers might not even return until January.