Oak Mountain Middle reporting massive absences

OAK MOUNTAIN, AL (WBRC) - Out of the 1,224 students enrolled at Oak Mountain Middle School 289 students are out sick.

Administrators are only confirming 20-cases of flu.

Under the new policy from the State Health Department, there is no testing necessary.  Health leaders say people with flu like symptoms more than like have the h1n1 virus.

As for the other 269 students out sick, Shelby County Schools representative Cindy Warner says that there are other afflictions that are affecting the student body. "  There are a variety of things going around," adds Warner "There were cases of Strep Throat, stomach viruses and other illnesses going around in addition to the flu that seem to be hitting this school in particular." Warner says administrators will continue to monitor the situation and classes will continue.

No teachers or faculty members are reporting illness.

Parents of those with the flu symptoms are advised to keep students out of school until they are fever free without the assistance of medication.

The 20-new cases at Oak Mountain Middle bring the number of cases of H1N1 in Shelby County schools up to 65.