Some voters confused over polling stations

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Just hours before Birmingham's polling stations open some voters remain confused about where to vote in tomorrow's municipal elections.

A new state law means most city voters will vote at the same location that they did in last November's presidential election, instead of the location they used for the last city elections in 2007.

The general rule of thumb to remember Tuesday is vote for the city council or board of education at the same place you voted for president. But there are several exceptions to that rule.

Because of new state law passed last year, Birmingham voters are supposed to now vote for municipal elections at the same precinct locations they use for state and county races, a change from the past. Four of the polling places used in November's presidential election are not available anymore, leading to some confusion in those precincts.

Here's a list of the 4 areas affected:

Polling Locations Changed

Old Location                  New Location

New Era Baptist            South Elyton Baptist

Fire Station 22              Highland Golf Course

Oporto Armory              New Rising Star Baptist

Our Lady of Lourdes     Parkway Christian Academy

Also, if you are a city voter but voted for county or state races at a polling place outside the city limits, you'll have a new place to go tomorrow. City officials mailed out cards with the new locations to every voter and are urging you to do your homework before you head to the polls Tuesday.

"I would trust the address that was on the card mailed to the voter, or I would call the Board of Registrar's office because all of our voters will be remaining within the city of Birmingham," said City Clerk Paula Smith.

The Board of Registrar's # is (205) 325-5550 or you can go to our website to check your precinct location.