Will voters show up at the polls in Birmingham?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Will Birmingham voters show up to vote in Tuesday's city election, or are they too apathetic and frustrated? Many voters say they are frustrated by the financial crisis in Jefferson County, and the fact that Mayor Larry Langford is going on trial in October.

"Because they are going to cheat anyway, my vote don't make a difference," said Birmingham resident Charity Garner, "They always have cheated, and they will always cheat." Others say it could be an opportunity to get some new faces in city government, and a fresh start.

"I am a registered voter, and I plan to vote," said Birmingham resident Benita McKinney, "It is important to help Birmingham."

Political Analyst and UAB Communication Professor Dr. Larry Powell said he is predicting a low turnout because of a mix of apathy and confusion. He said it is still an important election for the city. The Jefferson County Registrar's office reports voter turnout on a city election is typically 20% or less.