Work begins to install new DTV antenna

Crews unload new DTV antenna at WBRC (WBRC photo)
Crews unload new DTV antenna at WBRC (WBRC photo)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Crews began work Monday installing a new digital TV antenna on the WBRC TV tower.

Crews arrived on site Monday morning, unloading their gear, the new antenna (pictured) and other parts.

The new antenna will be mounted on top of WBRC's tower, replacing the old Channel 6 analog antenna that was turned off June 12 during the federally-mandated switch to all digital TV broadcasting.

Andy Cook, chief engineer of FOX6 WBRC-TV, said crews will be installing a temporary crane on top of the tower to remove the old analog antenna and install the new one. Cook said the entire process should take about 30 days, weather permitting.

WBRC-TV broadcasts on digital channel 50, which is identified as 6.1 on a digital receiver. The tower, built in 1987, stands 1,042 feet above ground atop Red Mountain.