State extends car tag renewals

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Money problems in Jefferson County have now prompted the state to give drivers a break.

The Alabama Department of Revenue announced Wednesday it had extended car tag renewals and vehicle registration dates.  For those who are due in August and September, you now have until November 30th, 2009, to pay without penalty.

Revenue Commissioner Tim Russell said the state made the change after Jefferson County asked for help.

"We wanted to help the citizens of Jefferson County as much as we could," Russell said.

The extension was applauded by drivers, especially those who braved long lines at the county courthouse Tuesday.  Pam Wynn sat cross-legged on the county floor holding her 6-month old son, Jackson.  She had spent more than seven hours in line trying to get a tag for her van.  She said the extension was appreciated.

"I think it's good for folks who don't have time to sit down here seven hours who do work a job because every penny counts," Wynn said.

As for the line itself, Wynn said patience was the key to getting through. "It's moving really slow.  But I understand.  They're short staffed and it's got everybody waiting."