Schools urge parents to review dress codes

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - As area families are getting ready to send their kids back to school, area school districts are asking them to review the dress code rules at their school before they shop.

Officials in Jefferson County, Shelby County, and Birmingham City schools all report that dress code violations are very common at the start of the school year.

The rules in each school district vary, but officials encourage parents to review the school district's code of conduct.

For example, in Jefferson County schools, students need to avoid T-shirts with inappropriate logos, tank tops or halter tops, and hats.

In Shelby County schools, students are asked to wear belts, and keep their shirts tucked in.

In Birmingham City Schools, students need to wear closed toe shoes in white, black, brown or navy, no denim and carry clear or mesh backpacks.

Parents say it can be difficult to remember all the rules, so they try to use common sense.

"We already know what the schools expect," said Lori Kinney, "I try to stay on the conservative side and make sure they are dressed appropriately."

"The shorts you have to make sure they aren't too short," said Brandie Watts, "Many times the cuter ones are too short, so we stick to bermudas or capris, stuff like that."

For families with more back to school shopping left, Alabama's sales tax holiday weekend is Aug. 7-9.

For a list of participating counties and cities in the sales tax holiday, or to see which items are tax exempt during the sales tax holiday weekend, visit the Alabama Department of Revenue online at