Air It Out: Iron Bowl Memories

Rece Davis: GameDay is ‘the best job in television’

Greg McElroy reflects on Alabama hiring Nick Saban: “You just knew it would work out”

FunnyMaine: Finding comedy in college football

What stopped Tommy Tuberville from running for AL governor

John Cassimus, Zoë’s Kitchen founder: “I just like doing things that other people aren’t willing to do”

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Galu Tagovailoa: Tua, Taulia would never be who they are without God

Bobby Bowden: Family, spiritual life, more important than football

Charles Barkley: ‘I am not a role model’ Nike ad, "greatest thing I ever did in my life”

Cornelius Bennett reflects on ‘The Sack’: “The only time in my career that I thought I hurt somebody”

Air It Out: Paul Finebaum

  Karle's Korner: The return of Trent Richardson

  Karle’s Korner: Bo vs. the Bucs - A season opener for the ages

Hard work lies ahead over the next few weeks, as the Indians zero in on a big one. Come Saturday, August 25, the Indians will open the high school season against mighty Hoover High School on ESPN!

  Karle’s Korner: Vestavia Hills' football coach returns home a national Hall of Famer

Buddy Anderson arrived back in Birmingham on Wednesday, nearly 48 hours after he was inducted into the National High School Hall Of Fame.

Karle's Korner: Do high school softball players deserve better?

In recent days, there has been a groundswell of feedback on Montgomery's Lagoon Park as well as the Alabama High School Athletic Association, and the feedback has not been all positive. The gripe? Lagoon Park's short, white plastic safety fences that are placed several feet inside the outfield fences of the Lagoon Park fields.  Some parents, players, and yes, coaches insist that these hard-working players deserve better.

Karle's Korner: Saban and Langer talk 'process'

In this corner, pro golfer Bernhard Langer: 5-foot-9, 160 pounds. In the other corner, Alabama football coach Nick Saban: 5-foot-8, 165 pounds. And you know something? They are two giants in the world of sports.

Karle's Korner: Is Dabo the only man to replace Nick?

Karle's Korner: Gene Stallings lends a hand to the RISE Center

Karle's Korner: Evan Mathis on striking it rich with Mickey Mantle card

Karle's Korner: My mom has passed: Why I'm crying & smiling

Ben Abercrombie visits Alabama practice in Atlanta, speaks to Rick Karle

Karle's Korner: A message of encouragement for Ben

Karle's Korner: NFL legend Bart Starr's remarkable comeback continues

If you're like me, you tend to get so caught up in your daily life that you lose track of some of the great people who have blessed your life.

The Tide & Tigers will roll: Karlac the Magnificent tells you why

The chill in the air is here and so too is the fourth Saturday in October. And the teams that will heat up on Saturday, throwing serious shade on the Aggies and the Razorbacks? None other than the Tide and the Tigers.

Tide & Tigers to win big: Karlac The Magnificent's picks

Tide & Tigers To Win Big Karlac The Magnificent's Picks Let's face it Saturday's Tide & Tiger games are not too difficult to predict, but thanks to Karlac The Magnificent (a tip of the cap the late Johnny Carson for creating his Carnac masterpiece years ago, thus me ripping it off), here are the

The story behind state wrestling champion Hasaan Hawthorne

From the memorable to the inspirational, I have been blessed to have met all sorts of folks: Pro and amateur athletes and their families. Spending time with the Hawthornes of Pelham was a joy.

Karle's Korner: The four letter word that catapulted Bama to a Championship

As the clock hits zero, I hang onto photographer Anthony Moore and dive into a fast motion ride. Amid falling confetti, it's raining tears at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Karle's Korner: Hey Cowherd! Boring Nick Saban is on the verge of winning another!

I just returned from Dallas where I want to wish you a Happy New Year! While Nick Saban is no doubt very busy preparing his team to face Clemson in the national championship game, I thought I'd help him out. I thought I'd write up a quick draft to Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd to set him straight.

Karle's Korner: The most exciting football team in our state? The JSU Gamecocks!

If you're looking for the most entertaining, the most exciting football team in our state, simply turn your eyes toward the Jacksonville State Gamecocks.

Karle's Korner: Gus Malzahn to start Sean White at QB: Desperation move or the right move?

It was the announcement heard around the Auburn nation on Tuesday morning:  A businesslike Gus Malzahn stood at the podium at his game-week news conference and announced that he is benching quarterback Jeremy Johnson.

Karle's Korner: Thumbs up & thumbs down from a methodical Bama victory

You knew it was only a matter of time. Yes, it was a slow start, and yes, Nick Saban has many issues with a 37-10 win over Middle Tennessee State.  But I'm here to tell you that the Crimson Tide team is an expected 2-0 as it heads into next week's big game with Ole Miss.

Karle's Korner: Thumbs up & thumbs down after 'The Scare At Jordan-Hare'

All I can say is that I’m exhausted, and all I was doing was watching. Somehow, some way, the 7th-ranked Auburn Tigers found a way to beat a talented Jacksonville State team in OT, 27-20.

Karle's Korner: Tough day for the Dow? How about a half-dozen Tide & Tigers whose stock value is climbing?

While I'm not quite ready to run in fear to my financial guy, the talk of the stock market certainly has me thinking about where some key Tide and Tiger football players stand less than two weeks from the season openers.

Karle's Korner: Sideline 2015: My top ten players (plus 81 others) over the program's 26 year history

Are ya ready for “Sideline 2015?” It’s hard to believe we are now in our 27th year of the big show, and we’re pumped up!

Karle's Korner: Ten reasons why Bama football fans are jacked!

If you noticed today that your neighbor or co-worker had a little more bounce in his/her step,  there could be a reason: That person could be an Alabama football fan.

Karle's Korner: What I learned on my summer vacation

Here's hoping you have had a chance this summer to get in some R&R! So what did I learn on my summer vacation? I thought I'd offer ten things I learned over the past two weeks.

An open letter from Sarah Patterson

The following is an open letter from Sarah Patterson.

Karle's Korner: How the coolest cat ever is being hosed by the Hall Of Fame

You have to go back over forty years. If you were around in the mid-seventies, there was no truth to the rumor that if you looked up the word “cool” in the dictionary, you would find a picture of quarterback Ken Stabler.

Charles Barkley on Confederates, Christianity, Charleston and coping with loss

It was only a few weeks ago that he lost his mother Charcey. Surrounded by family and friends, Charles Barkley pulled through as he dealt with the pain. But last Friday, he reached out to say he needed to “get back to being Charles Barkley.”

Karle's Korner: Why no Nick Saban on Twitter? Why should he?

The SEC has fourteen head football coaches. Thirteen of those coaches have Twitter accounts, their combined Twitter following (as of this morning) stands at 1,323,900. The one coach who does not have a Twitter account and has no plans on joining? The man known by many as college football's top coach.

Karle's Korner: Dino Talk: Who will be the Indominus rex of the SEC in 2015?

Who will be the Indominus rex of the SEC in 2015?

Karle's Korner: A year after tragedy, the spirit of Philip Lutzenkirchen is alive

On this day, Mike and Mary Lutzenkirchen are coping the best they can, for it was one year ago that they lost their son Philip.

Karle's Korner: It's Alive! (I'm talking Alabama baseball)

Just when you thought the Alabama baseball team's season was dead in the water. Just when you thought coach Mitch Gaspard was about to hit the road, the Bama baseball team is alive!

Karle's Korner: The UAB/CSS report's big question: What does Ray Watts want UAB to be?

The good news for those who desperately want football reinstated? The CSS folks make clear that football can not only work on the UAB campus, it can thrive. The bad news? I sensed from reading the report that the CSS people were more concerned with finding a future conference for the UAB basketball team.

Karle's Korner: 25 things you can learn from my 86-year-old mother

Hope you had a great Mother's Day! I'm blessed to have a great mom who is truly one of the more colorful characters I have known.

Karle's Korner: Thanks Britt McHenry: You've proven my case to my kids

Where has the time gone? They are teenagers now, and it seems like yesterday when I began preaching to my kids about the importance of character and kindness. The subject of our dinner conversation the other night? ESPN reporter Britt McHenry's rant at a towing company employee.

Karle's Korner: Bama nabs a coach from the pro ranks: This just might work!

Let me get this straight: He's a man who is small in stature but owns a big heart. He is a man who spent years in Louisiana, owns a championship, and is seldom outworked. He was nabbed from the pro ranks and is nicknamed by many "The Little General". Where have we seen this before?

Karle's Korner: UAB Blazers poised for an upset

Who do you like in Thursday's NCAA Tournament game between UAB and Iowa State? Following Wednesday's practice at KFC Yum! Arena in Louisville, Jerod Haase told me that his UAB players are confident they can compete with 25-8 ISU

Karle's Korner: Anthony Grant: A good man who never let us in

He coached the men's basketball team at the University of Alabama for six years, and now he's gone. The funny thing is, I never knew him. Part of that is my fault, and some of it is Anthony Grant's fault.

Karle's Korner: NASCAR 2015: America's Reality Show

Getting a bit tired of TV reality shows? I don't blame you. But before you sign off on such programs, I have a heads up just for you.

Karle's Korner: Where were you fourteen years ago on February 18?

The news sent shockwaves through America and grief through the sport of racing. Where were you the day we lost Dale Earnhardt, Sr?

Karle's Korner: From "The Rally in Death Valley" to "Fumbles in the Jungle"

Another wild sports weekend is in the books and I've been left with three moments etched in my mind, two from the world of football and one from NASCAR racing. Look 'em over and tell me what you think!

Karle's Korner: OK Nick and Gus, I've got your backs!

They keep reminding us and we don't want to listen. "There's lots of football to be played" they say when asked about the new College Football Playoff ranking, but we continue to ignore them.

Karle's Korner: Two Iron Bowls in the span of a month? "The Great Eight" could make it happen!

Are you an Auburn fan ready to celebrate a national football championship? Are you a Bama fan ready to jump off a bridge? I beg of you not to do either quite yet, as those newly-released College Football Playoff rankings will change this weekend.?

Karle's Korner: Mac The Knife: Why We Need More Of AJ McCarron

I've heard if from dozens of Alabama fans over the last few days. "AJ McCarron needs to shut his mouth" they say. What do I say a few days after the former Bama quarterback's spicy comments about his former team? I say we need more of him.

Karle's Korner: Alabama Back To #1... This Could Be A Fun Week!

There's good news to bring both Alabama football fans and those ever-friendly media types who cover the Crimson Tide: Alabama is now ranked #1 in the Amway Top-25 Coaches Poll.

Karle's Korner: Did I just talk with the Heisman Trophy winner?

If you ask me to predict a national champion or even the Final Four I could offer you only an educated guess. But when it comes to predicting the Heisman Trophy winner of 2014, the picture is already starting to clear.

Karle's Korner: The Crimson Tide's odd couple may just have the last laugh!

Perhaps it was the fact that Alabama's new offensive coordinator was coaching from the sideline. Perhaps it was that screen grab with less than two minutes remaining in the first quarter that went viral.

Karle's Korner: Mike and Mary Lutzenkirchen: Giving back in their time of grief

I really didn't know how to feel. As a TV sports anchor for over thirty years, it's always nice to land an important interview. But this was different.

Karle's Korner: Kevin Ward, Jr. Tragedy: NASCAR's Watershed Moment

When will be ever learn? Why does it take a tragedy for us to make changes that could save lives? Why?

Karle's Korner: Where's LeBron heading?

The question of the day: Where is LeBron James heading? While only LeBron knows for sure, we did get a few interesting perspectives today from Boston Celtics forward Gerald Wallace.

Karle's Korner: 15 questions you won't hear at SEC Media Days

It's hard to believe, but we are now less than a week from SEC Football Media Days in Hoover! Here are fifteen tough (or simply ill-advised) queries that you simply won't hear from the media.

Karle's Korner: A sister's love for her brother

I was preparing to write a blog today about how fleeting life can be, but Abby Lutzenkirchen has done it for me.

Karle's Korner: Remembering a class act

The Auburn football nation is mourning the loss of one of its heroes after former tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen was killed early Sunday morning in a single-car crash south of LaGrange, GA.

Karle's Korner: Ya mean my wife wants to watch soccer?

If my wife can be interested in soccer, you can too. All it takes is some patience, an open mind, and a perusal of this post.

Karle's Korner: $7 Million: Nick Saban and The Titanic

Is he really worth it? That question has been coming at me ever since we heard that Alabama football coach Nick Saban has agreed to a contract extension thru 2022 that will pay him about $7 million a year.

Karle's Korner: It's time for AJ McCarron to remove the clutter and leave Twitter

If the Cincinnati Bengals rookie wants to enjoy a superb NFL career, he needs to make one move that can and will ultimately help him succeed: Take a break from Twitter.

Karle's Korner: Dega 2014: Unlike An Earnhardt?

The caution flag came out with only fourteen laps remaining in Sunday's Aaron's 499 Sprint Cup race at Talladega.

The 'No Fun League' strikes again!

I know this may come as a surprise to you, but the older I get the crankier I become (and don't give me any lip about this subject, I've had enough).

2009 SEC Fan Fair

Thousands of Alabama and Florida fans, young and old, gathered in Atlanta Friday to prepare for one of the biggest college football games in years.