Band of the Week

  Sideline 2020 Week 15 Band

  Name that tune! Because the Pleasant Grove H.S. Band can play it

The Pleasant Grove High School Marching Band has the ability to play 70 so songs on command.

  VIDEO; Pleasant Grove HS Band of the Week

  Sideline 2020 Week 14 Band of the Week

  At Oxford H.S. the marching band is king in 2020

It is more than just music, it is about relationships, teaching and learning, not necessarily how the band is rated at a competition.

  Sideline 2020 Week 12 Band

  The Clay-Chalkville HS band marches to a tribute to Beyoncé

The halftime show is a tribute to Beyoncé, and well the fans know her music well and with plenty of affection.

  VIDEO; Clay-chalkville H.S. Band of the Week

  Sideline 2020 Week 12 Band of the Week

  Friday night lights are the perfect time to entertain for the Hillcrest H.S. marching band

The pandemic has really taken a toll on the Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa High School marching band as its numbers have been cut by almost 50 percent. And yet, the Pride of Patriot Parkway continues to boom out a sound that band director Meghan Miller brags about.

  VIDEO; Hillcrest H.S. Band of the Week

  Sideline 2020 Week 11 Band of the Week

  The Gardendale HS band is ‘Rockin’ Thru the Rona’

The Gardendale High School Rocket Marching Band is dealing with the pandemic the only way it knows how - performing.

  VIDEO; Gardendale H.S. Band of the Week

  Sideline 2020 Week 10 Band

  Feeling blue is no concern for the Cullman HS Bearcat Marching Band

The Cullman High School Bearcat Band is used to performing at the highest level. Despite the pandemic, this band at 125 members is no exception.

  VIDEO; Cullman H.S. Marching Band

  Sideline Week 9 Band

  The dark side works for the Sylacauga H.S. marching aggie band

The Sylacauga High School Marching Aggie Band has its sights set on performing at Disney World next spring, but for now in the fall the group is polishing its show on the gridiron.

  VIDEO; Sylacauga H.S. Band of the Week

  Sideline 2020 Week 8 Band

  The small, but mighty Carver H.S. Mighty Marching Rams Band

The Carver High School Mighty Marching Band does not let its lack in numbers get in the way of making an incredible sound. This band, 50 members in all, under the direction of Lee Mason is the reigning 6-time champs of the All City marching Festival.

  Sideline 2020 Week 7 Band of the Week

  A great show is what makes the Gadsden City HS marching band go on Fridays

The Gadsden City High School Marching Band took a chance this fall, and it is really paying off!

  Sideline 2020 Week 6 Band

  Vestavia Hills HS marching band is all about the classic’s and a little funk mixed in

The Vestavia Hills High School Rebel marching band is all about the classics and some funk mixed in.

  Sideline 2020 Week 5 Band of the Week

  Pelham HS Marching Band is all about community

The Pelham High School Marching Band is all about community and being together. Under the Direction of Justin Ward this band is 150 members strong and performs at halftime of games this Fall culminating with a song from the Beatles, "Come Together."

  Sideline 2020 Week 4 Band of the Week

  The Mortimer Jordan HS Blue Machine dances its way to the delight of fans on Friday nights

The Mortimer Jordan High School Marching Band is known as the Blue Machine. The 125-member band is under the direction of Craig Cagle and working its way through all the adversity of 2020 to put on a show that is special to the fans in the stands.