Graysville bringing back police force

The new police department will open September 1st.

  UMC leaders offer LGBTQ community a letter of apology

Neighbor calls for action after car is found with bullet holes

  Parents speak out about safety at Riverchase Galleria

  New law in Hoover will change how restaurants serve alcohol

  B’ham Fire will install free smoke detectors

  Family of gun violence victim presented with check

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  BBB warns against website promising cash

  What you need to know ahead of Freedom Fest

  What you need to know before hiring a work crew on your property

  Reflecting on Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson

  Two million reallocated from school board to internship program

  New tech company moves headquarters to Birmingham

  Residents upset about large potholes on Chandler Mountain in St. Clair Co.

We drove through the area on Monday and we couldn’t even count the number of potholes on Loop Road.

Birmingham officer evaluated for injuries after radioing “shots fired” to dispatch

A Birmingham Police officer was transported to UAB Sunday morning. He is being evaluated for possible injuries, according to Birmingham Police.

  New JCSO team targets high-crime areas

In it's first month, SNET made 69 felony arrests and recovered $61,000 worth of stolen property.

  Officer Stafford shooting: A look at the timeline

A closer look at the crime scene, helps paint a picture of a deadly night.

  Chelsea public hearing on one-cent sales tax increase

  SEC Football Media Days leaving Hoover

WBRC FOX6 News hires Jason Mathews as next General Sales Manager

  Hoover City School Board still discussing proposed policy

Cullman Co. courthouse receives service dog to help children while testifying

  B’ham City Council passes Healthy Foods Ordinance

  What to do if you are in a boating accident

Marine Police say rule number one is to keep life jackets out and where you can reach them if you're not going to wear them.

20,000 jobs added in the last 12 months--how to keep the momentum going in Birmingham

Ty West with the Birmingham Business Journal says we need more organizations that help train people in the skills most needed in the city today.

  Alabama Power auctioning off nearly 400 acres of land

The land, which doesn't face Lakeshore Parkway, was used as a utility easement by the power company.

  Bessemer D.A. speaks out about Marshae Jones case

Strong words from Bessemer cutoff District Attorney Lynneice Washington about the Marshae Jones case Sunday night. This is the first time Washington has spoken publicly about the case.

  Cullman County deputies cracking down on drug dealers

Sheriff Matt Gentry says their main focus right now is going after drug distributors, users and dealers.

  B’ham council discusses reinstating permit fees

Officials say reinstating certain construction permit fees that have been waived since 2008 could garner $3 million for the city.

  Alabama lowers age for commercial driver’s license

Alabama is short thousands of commercial drivers

  Uber imposter sparks ridesharing safety concerns

Land says the Uber app reminds the rider to check the name and license plate number of the Uber driver picking you up.

  Hoover looks to regulate short-term rental properties

Hoover City Councilor Curt Posey says he felt regulations were needed after he received 15 complaints about short-term rental properties.

  Police chief responds to suggestions that the National Guard come to Birmingham

Police Chief Patrick Smith says new initiatives like the new cadet program will help with crime in the area.

  Woman to train dogs to sniff cancer

A woman in Vestavia Hills has been certified to train dogs to detect cancer after her own mother passed away from lung cancer.

A closer look at training after Springville firefighter’s death on duty

Training for firefighters can be extremely strenuous during the summer months. Officials say the key is staying hydrated along with medical surveillance.

  Peace in the Park event to combat crime

Birmingham's police chief says crime increases over the summer by 42%. Events like Peace in the Park is meant to help bring that number down.

  Riverkeepers: Mulberry Fork River water might not be safe after wastewater spill

Nelson Brooke with Black Warrior Riverkeepers says the wastewater traveled over 40 miles downstream, leading to dozens of dead fish in Mulberry Fork River.

  Protesters gather outside Southern Baptist Convention

Protesters outside the Southern Baptist Conference say they don't want another man, woman, or child hurt before the SBC decides to take action against sexual offenders.

  Truck stolen from body shop, totaled

Garrick Spence dropped off his 2007 Dodge Cummins at a friend's body shop. However, a relative of the owner was arrested later and charged with stealing it.

  Firetruck, station damaged after fire department burglary

The Wiley Volunteer Fire Department's truck is seen the way firefighters found it the morning of May 15. There is damage to the building, the truck, and an oxygen tank is missing.

  Hoover School Board discusses possible hate-speech policy

Superintendent of Hoover City Schools, Kathy Murphy says what students say off-campus is only a concern when it disrupts the class environment to the point the staff cannot teach effectively.

  Mother has warning after son is struck by car

Six-year-old Dax will have to wear a cast for the rest of the summer, missing out on their annual trip to the beach and other summer activities.

  Worker Returns Missing Engagement Ring

Andrea Speer couldn't believe her eyes when a worker in Kentucky found and returned her engagement ring that had gone missing two weeks prior.

  World Health Organization classifies “Burnout” as a disease

Scientists have been studying "burnout" since 1974. However, it's only recently been more precisely defined.

  What is Survivor’s Guilt?

Survivor's guilt is a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder and is common in those returning from combat.

  Average rent in Birmingham increasing

Experts say the average rent has increased because of new luxury units being built in places like Parkside. But affordable housing is still available.

  Woman claims she was bitten by bed bugs at Bessemer movie theatre

Woman claims she was bitten by bedbugs at a movie theater in Bessemer.

  Lots of development in Parkside. The only thing missing? Parking.

Lots of developments have been recently announced, or are in the works. But if there's not enough parking for everyone, will the crowds still come?

  Pharmacists not able to sell CBD oil yet

It's believed that pharmacists are not able to sell CBD yet because the FDA has not decided how it will regulate CBD oil.

  Construction company closes plant site, neighbors still want more done

Amid neighbor complaints about pollution, a longtime Birmingham construction company is suspending operations at one of its plant sites.

  New cash crop: Industrial Hemp

Gary Houser is getting his seven-acre field ready for his first crop of industrial hemp. He says it will be used for CBD oil and dispels the misconception that folks can get high off the plant.

  Neighbors sound off on possible concrete plant at town hall meeting

Residents near the site of the possible concrete plant expressed their opposition at a District 8 town hall meeting Monday night.

  Road closures in Marks Village hoped to decrease violent crimes

City leaders say the crime level in Marks Village in Gate City has reached epidemic proportions.

  Businesses line up to register cannabis-based businesses in Alabama

In a 17 to 6 vote the Alabama Senate, Thursday, passed the medical marijuana bill. Several businesses were already looking to cash in on the legislation.

  Hoover considering updating smoke ban to include vaping

Randy Toffel, who owns Vapeology, says this new proposal is an example of "government overreach".

  More than breadcrumbs: Rally’s building now vandalized

It's happened again... hamburger buns litter the parking lot at one abandoned Rally's location

  JeffCo crews repair line, eliminate smell of human waste taking over Hoover neighborhood

A Jefferson County spokesperson said the problem was a damaged manhole that was partially blocking the line.

  Two students receive college scholarships in honor of Courtlin Arrington

Scholarship Organizer Dr. Kre Johnson of Brownstone Total Family Healthcare said the scholarships are a way of keeping Courtlin Arrington’s memory alive.

  What people need to know about Hypertension

In light of the death of film-maker John Singleton, doctors want people to pay more attention to heart disease--how to manage it, and more importantly, how to dodge it.

Life-saving skills taught to B’ham residents

One of the students Monday night learns to tie a tourniquet in order to stop uncontrolled bleeding. Officials say uncontrolled bleeding can be fatal if the victim is not helped within the first five to 10 minutes.

  Thieves break car windows, doors in string of burglaries in Gardendale

Gardendale Police responded to over 10 car break-ins where several windows and doors were damaged.

  After the storm: Mishandling household appliances after a storm can be deadly

As you prepare for a FIRST ALERT Weather Day, you need to keep in mind what you do after a storm can put your family at risk.

  Hoover residents upset about possible new roads

Hoover City councilors say folks are confusing design concepts with official proposals, saying nothing is set in stone.

  More money approved for blight demolition

The city council approved the funds at Tuesday morning's meeting. Mayor Randall Woodfin says they ran out of the $2 million originally set aside with 90 days left in this fiscal year.

  Address change for two residents amid safety concerns

The addresses of two residents in Homewood has caused a lot of confusion for people, including first responders. The city council wants to make it easier.

  Police: Porch pickup not a safe option for selling items

Selling items on Facebook's Marketplace has become very popular. But one option for buyers is not necessarily the safest for sellers.

  Democrat state representative, Republican house speaker have heated argument on house floor

State Representative Juandalynn Givan, D-Birmingham, spoke on camera for the first time with WBRC FOX6 News, Sunday, about heated argument she had with House Speaker Mac McCutcheon (R) at the Alabama House of Representatives.

  Cullman Still Recovering After 2018 Hail Storm

Don Smith is nearly finished with his home renovations after his home was hit hard by the March 2018 hail storm.

  Vestavia Hills P.D. may soon get its first gun range

Vestavia Hills city commissioners approved spending money on a design plan that will fix up an existing gun range for their police to train at any time they want.

  Which Road First? JeffCo Talks Gas Tax

Jefferson County is developing a five-year plan to tackle road and bridge projects with the $6.5 million extra they'll get a year from Alabama's new gas tax.

  Trivia App Helps Pay Student Loans

Developed four years ago, Givling is a way for folks to try their hand at trivia and win money to pay off their student loans or mortgages.

Questions still surround Rock the South road study

Rock the South officials presented a road study last week, however the county has yet to sign off on it.

  No mail delivery for neighborhood with potholes

Twenty-two homeowners have been affected by the post office and trash pickup refusing to service their neighborhood because of miles of potholes.

  Drivers tired of intersection issues on 280

Drivers say too many people are ignoring first responders on the road, and even more are distracted by phones.

  Students might one day live in UAB solar-powered home

The house on 11th Avenue South on UAB's campus is 100% solar-powered and won fifth place in a global competition for sustainability.

  BJCC offers maps to navigate bridge closure

The Birmingham Jefferson Civic Complex wants to help drivers by posting animated maps on its website.

  Staying updated during 59/20 bridge closure

ALDOT and Jefferson Co. EMA have provided several ways to find out how to navigate the I-59/20 Bridge closure.

  Cord blood banking industry expected to grow

Options increasing for both cord blood donation and private banking.

  Medical mission leads White House official to UAB

Matt Might, Ph.D., and his wife embarked on a diagnostic odyssey when their first son was born with a condition never before diagnosed.

  How scammers use Facebook

Scammers hack into Facebook accounts and steal pictures to create fake pages. Then they message you about to lure you into the latest scam.

  Partial Gov’t shutdown affecting Talladega federal workers

Workers at the Federal Correctional Institution in Talladega, Alabama say the stress is building after working without pay now for 11 days.