The fight is on for the Robert E Reed Foundation against gastrointestinal cancers

The Robert E. Reed Foundation has been raising awareness and understanding gastrointestinal cancers for almost 17 years.

  Leeds family warns other parents of deadly tick infection

Rule change expected to give struggling hospitals another lifeline

  Free breastfeeding support programs offered for nursing moms

  U.S. Army veteran is walking cross country for suicide awareness

ADPH partners with state group to share which fish are safe to eat

  More than 4,000 students were exempt from vaccinations for religious reasons last school year

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  89-year-old AL man proves you are never too old to do volunteer work

ADPH warns against handling bats

  Donating blood is as easy as one, two, three or 30 minutes of your time

  The fountain of youth is closer than you think

Bacteria advisory issued for part of Panama City Beach

  ER doctors seeing an increase in heat exhaustion

  UAB ending program man says saved his life

UAB says this is a positive change after losing $1 million a year on the overnight program for the last 20 years.

  Ala. man in wheelchair helps clean up his neighborhood

For more than 20 years, Clover Moore has doing volunteer work cleaning up his neighborhood in the community of Eastlake at Harris Homes Apartment. Whenever the need, Moore is doing ordinary jobs and he is doing it from the seat of his wheelchair. Clover Moore has a purpose and he's an inspiration.

AL dermatologist warns swimmers after flesh-eating bacteria case in FL

After a Alabama case of flesh-eating bacteria, a Birmingham dermatologist has a warning for people headed to the lake or the beach.

Gadsden surgeon invents orthopedic device

A device invented by a doctor in Gadsden could improve patients lives.

  UAB scientists make “promising” breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research

  Hot car demonstration reveals some alarming numbers

  After drugs, prison and being homeless, one man has a dream to help stop the violence in Birmingham

  40 years and counting for the Ronald McDonald House of Birmingham

  Putting the ‘farm’ in ‘farmacy’

Thousands come together for Birmingham Heart Walk

  Father and son serve to mend lives at Alabama hospital

Helping people is what the Mathews family is all about, from working in the medical profession to serving in the mission field in Haiti.

  From a shy introvert to the life of the party, with the right kind of moves

Three years ago, Cassidy Johnson's idea of exercise was getting off the couch. Now she is 100 pounds lighter and has gone from being an introvert to the life of the party.

  Building a safe career as a construction worker

One of the toughest jobs is as a construction worker. Not only does it involve a rough working environment with dangerous equipment, but also difficult conditions.

  How to protect yourself this tick season

Doctors say this is the time of year that you need to be on the look-out for ticks.

  UAB Adult Sickle Cell Center

There is a new resource in Birmingham for people with Sickle Cell disease as UAB opens its Adult Sickle Cell clinic.

  World Health Organization classifies “Burnout” as a disease

Scientists have been studying "burnout" since 1974. However, it's only recently been more precisely defined.

  How to protect yourself against the sun

It's that time of the year where most of us hit the outdoors more than usually, which means sun exposure. We know a lot about the tips to protect against the sun but we all need reminders. Dr. Lauren Kole, a dermatologist at UAB Hospital helps us out.

  UAB: New federal rules on liver transplants could cost Alabama lives

The policy is on pause- for now.

  First nurse midwife in 20 years is delivering babies at Huntsville Hospital

Tiffany Golub is the first certified nurse midwife in more than 20 years to deliver babies at Huntsville Hospital.

  UAB doctor keeps puppy’s memory alive by helping train therapy pets

Just a short visit by a Hand in Paw therapy pet can have a big impact on a patient, who’s in the hospital. A doctor at UAB and his family have created a fund to help train and support those therapy teams.

  AL family shares 9-year-old daughter’s battle, victory with cancer in book

Nine year old Kate Miller is finishing up her third grade year of elementary school, which is remarkable considering six years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. Her battle inspired her mom to write a book about the journey, it is called "Fighting for Kate," and this is her story.

  UAB doctor explains how tests showed positive and negative results of measles

We spoke with a doctor who said all tests can have false positives and false negatives.

Measles haven’t been much of a threat in Alabama, so far

Measles continues to spread elsewhere across the country, but so far, there hasn’t been much of a threat in Alabama.

  Doctors say parents need to have conversations with children to prevent mental illness

Doctors says there are conversations that you need to be having with your child to help them cope with anxiety or depression and how to prevent it from developing.

UAB encourages participation in nationwide medical data study

“All of Us is a research program aimed at generating what’s going to be the largest medical data set in history. The plan is to enroll a million people across the country, reflecting the diversity of the united states.”

  What’s in your pool water?

Before you know you dive in or splash around, know if your favorite swimming hole is safe.

  WBRC First Alert Weather Fest at McWane Science Center

Join us for the WBRC First Alert Weather Fest on Saturday, May 18 at the McWane Science Center.

  Clearing up misconceptions on skin cancer

One local dermatologist says a lot of people just don’t think it’ll ever happen to them

  Doctor explains how to keep babies safe from measles

Parents of babies too young to get their measles vaccine are scrambling. So we’re on your side with ways you can keep your baby healthy now that measles is in our state.

  Where to get a measles vaccine

The Jefferson County Health Department says they can help if you can't afford a trip to the doctor or if you don't have insurance.

  How to prevent measles, if your child is too young to get vaccinated

Advice from doctors on what to do if you child is too young to get the measles vaccine.

  Mother of Alabama infant with measles speaks out

As the Alabama Department of Health has confirmed a St. Clair County infant has the measles, the child’s mother is speaking out about the heartbreak she and her family are experiencing.

  Dermatologists warn against skin cancer and how to spot it

A warning about skin cancer, especially as the sun shines and the temps heat up.

  Treating your physical and mental health under one roof

St. Vincent’s Primary Care Hoover is making metal health care easier.

  No confirmed measles cases in Alabama yet

Dr. Brian Gannon, Clinic Director for Pediatric Care at University Medical Center, believes the measles outbreak is getting the attention it deserves due to the danger surrounding the illness.

  How to shop around for healthcare

Consumers - especially seniors - are concerned about the continued rise of healthcare costs.

  Birmingham business is cleaning up the stigma of autism

Autism is a neurological disorder that not many people truly understand. Those that are autistic can sometimes be forgotten, but one Birmingham business is helping this community out, hiring workers with autism and helping them lead a normal life.

  What people need to know about Hypertension

In light of the death of film-maker John Singleton, doctors want people to pay more attention to heart disease--how to manage it, and more importantly, how to dodge it.

  An AL man is sitting tall in the saddle after receiving a heart transplant

April has been donate life month and that means something of importance to the Legacy of Hope in the state of Alabama, it is Alabama's organ and tissue donation alliance. Recently WBRC met up with heart transplant recipient Ed Stagg, in hopes of getting more to become an organ donors.

  Pell City mom talks about her opposition to vaccines

A Pell City mother believes vaccines do more harm than good after her own experience.

  UAB Hospital offers new service to help patients find their way

The free app uses Bluetooth technology to offer indoor and outdoor turn-by-turn directions guiding patients from clinics to doctors appointments.

  Measles cases inching closer to Alabama

Doctors say the measles outbreak is getting closer to Alabama, and has already made it to the neighboring states of Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee.

  New infusion site at Brookwood Baptist Health for migraine sufferers

A new migraine therapy center here in Birmingham is seeing a spike in patients.

  Paramedics wait hours to release patients to hospitals

Ambulances are spending more time outside of the hospital emergency rooms, but not for the reasons you might think.

Tips to alleviate your child’s seasonal allergy symptoms

If your child suffers from a cold around the same time each year, they may be suffering from seasonal allergies. Check out these tips to alleviate your child’s seasonal allergy symptoms.

  Auburn assistant football coach’s wife is an advocate for organ donation

Kim Garner is the wife of Auburn University Associate Head Football Coach Rodney Garner. In 2017, she had an accident in her home that required a cornea transplant.

  New living organ donor leave policy created for city of Birmingham

There’s now a new policy for city of Birmingham employees with a goal to save lives. Employees can now take up to four weeks off if they donate an organ like a kidney.

  Homicides and opioids main concerns in JeffCo Health Dept. report

Looking at the homicide rate in Jefferson County is a new thing for the health department, but they’re quickly realizing they can’t ignore it.

  Flu season could continue through April and May

A lot of us have been sneezing, coughing, and dealing with congestion, but are those symptoms related to seasonal allergies or the flu? Alabama is still considered by the CDC as having widespread flu.

  Doctors: Your diet could be the blame for some seasonal allergy symptoms

We’ve blamed it on pollen, but doctors at American Family Care tell patients what you’re eating also plays a part in why you’re dealing with seasonal allergy symptoms.

Proposed AL bill encourages nurses to work in rural areas

Healthcare facilities struggle to attract nurses to rural areas, but one proposed bill could help bring more experienced nurse practitioners to those facing a healthcare professional shortage.

  Birmingham Iron launches fitness program for children

The Birmingham Iron players are showing the youngest members of our community how to “Forge On.”

  Clinical trial coming to UAB could result in cure for sickle cell disease

A clinical trial that could result in a universal cure for Sickle Cell disease will be coming to UAB in the next couple of months.

  Snow Rogers Elementary students run for a cause

Kids run - it’s what they do. But it’s not always fun. At Snow Rogers Elementary in Gardendale, Alabama, students are learning running isn’t just about exercise as the school prepares for the annual 5K run.

Baby cough syrup recalled due to bacteria contamination

Those at risk for more severe forms of the illness include infants, young children and those with weakened immune systems.

  State approves farmers to grow hemp; local coffee serves CBD-oil infused drinks

Industrial hemp seed could be the next cash crop in Alabama.

More lots of blood pressure medications recalled due to impurity

43 lots in total have been recalled.

Nearly 200,000 pounds of ready-to-eat pork sausages recalled due to possible contamination

This recall is being initiated due to product tampering, following the production process.

78,000 pounds of ground turkey recalled due to Salmonella Schwarzengrund concerns

Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever.

  Where there’s a will there’s a way to play the guitar one handed

Facing the possibility of never playing the guitar again Jay Montgomery found the will to play again.

  UAB doctor sheds light on HIV cure

Since news broke of that second patient being cured of the virus, many people have asked Dr. Michael Saag at UAB, "Can I be cured too?"

FAST: Looking for the warning signs of stroke

In light of recent news about fatal strokes in younger adults, doctors want you to know the warning signs of stroke, because every second counts.

  UAB surgeons using revolutionary device in robotic surgery

We’re getting a closer look into the future of surgery. There’s a new tool in robotic surgery and it’s being used right here in Birmingham.

  Health and wellness is big for business in Birmingham

Companies are getting more interested in not only employee productivity, but also their health and wellness.

  Have bad breath? You could be making it worse. Here’s how.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, up to 80 million people suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath.

Birth control pill recall announced by FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising the public about a nationwide, voluntary recall initiated by Apotex Corp. on a birth control pill.

GRAPHIC: FDA warns against using ‘vampire plasma’ to reverse aging

The movement to look and feel younger continues to be big business – but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down.

Pollen season expected to be aggressive this year

Pollen season is expected to be aggressive in 2019.