Woodlawn vs. Homewood game cancelled because of COVID-19

UA System: COVID-19 cases reach record low

  ADPH set to reduce COVID-19 hotline hours of operation

Birmingham Museum of Art to reopen in October

  ADPH: More than 2,200 people have died from COVID-19 as over 142K test positive and more than 61K recover

  Are face masks really working?

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  Antigen vs. PCR tests for COVID-19: What’s the difference?

  8th graders in Anniston sent home for 10 days after student shows symptoms of COVID-19

  Jefferson County School leaders working to secure more PPE

  Alabama surpasses 1 million COVID-19 tests

Locations for 3 new crisis care centers to be announced in October

  City councilors urge Gadsden residents to wear masks

Helena High School cancels 2 football games over COVID-19 concerns

The two games include a home game against Pelham High School scheduled for September 18 and an away game against McAdory High School scheduled for September 25.

  Is it possible to speed up COVID-19 quarantine after exposure?

If you’ve been within 6 feet of another person for 15 minutes or longer and that person tests positive for COVID-19, you need to stay home and away from others for 14 days.

  Alabama and JeffCo health leaders learned a lot after 6 months with COVID-19

When the coronavirus first came to Alabama, the Alabama Public Health Officer admitted doctors didn’t know a lot about the disease.

  COVID-19 cancels Anniston’s annual Veterans Day parade

A concern over the highly contagious coronavirus, and the veterans who are part of a vulnerable age group, are the reasons for the cancellation.

‘Do what you can to protect your family’: Governor Ivey on TS Sally threat and COVID-19

Alabama racing legend recovering from COVID-19

  Special tribute for Chilton County father who lost his battle with COVID-19

UA System: COVID-19 dashboard shows decreases in positive cases on UA’s campus

  State Superintendent says COVID school data will be tracked and released

  State to release COVID-19 cases in schools

  Dr. Saag says without testing, K-12 case numbers aren’t accurate

The ADPH dashboard lists fewer than 9,000 cases for ages 5 to 17, so kindergarten to junior year... but that might not be accurate.

  Sentinel testing shows fewer cases at UAB, UAH than Alabama, Auburn

Sentinel testing randomly tests students, allowing officials to gauge a random sample and get a clearer picture of possible spread.

  University of Alabama issues sanctions to students for COVID social distancing violations

This week the University announced it has issued 639 individual student sanctions since September 8th for violating social distancing rules.

  Alabama hospitals concerned about increasing COVID-19 cases

Alabama hospitals are seeing less COVID-19 patients but there is still concerns that could change soon.

  What does record low flu season in Southern Hemisphere mean for US?

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), Australia had a record low flu season. There were 107 laboratory confirmed cases this August, compared to 61,000 in August 2019.

  ADPH watching COVID cases for Labor Day weekend numbers

The Alabama Department of Public Health is keeping an eye on the number of new daily COVID-19 cases after the Labor Day weekend.

  28-year-old teacher at SC public school dies of COVID-19

The 28-year-old teacher had been an educator for five years.

Couple dies from COVID-19 holding hands, within four minutes of each other in Rowan Co., N.C.

A local couple, married for 48 years, died from COVID-19 within four minutes of each other while holding hands in the hospital.

COVID-19 and the financial impact on millennials

A UAB professor said as many Americans are dealing with substantial negative financial impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the hardest hit groups of people may be millennials.

  'Players are tested 3 times a week’: Coach Nick Saban on COVID-19 cases

Saban said the team has had a minimal amount of players test positive, but they have had some. Saban said numbers may have increased when school started, but not significantly.

  ADPH: Time to ‘double down’ on prevention measures after Labor Day weekend

Dr. Landers said it will be crucial for people who dropped their guard over Labor Day weekend to “double down” on wearing a mask, practicing good hand hygiene and avoiding crowds for the next two weeks.

  Colleges and universities are cracking down on students who don’t follow recommended guidelines

Colleges and universities across the country are cracking down on students who don’t follow recommended guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

  The state’s Risk Indicator Dashboard is changing colors again, but for the worse

Less than a month ago, the map showed mostly greens and yellows, indicating a low to moderate risk of COVID-19, but now we’re seeing more orange and red. Those reds and oranges mean high to very high risks, and 26 out of the state’s 67 counties fall into those categories.

  Tuscaloosa bars set to reopen Tuesday

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox’s order allowing Session and other Tuscaloosa bars to reopen at 6:01 p.m. was based on a decline in daily coronavirus averages from data released by the University of Alabama system.

5 Ways UAB researchers are studying COVID-19

UAB researchers are working on 28 ongoing projects funded by $1.4 million in support in the fight to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jefferson County Schools anticipate move to A/B model traditional school before end of 9 weeks

The order for a return to a hybrid traditional model would start with Pre-K and Exceptional Education students. K-5 will be second. Finally grades 6-12 would return.

  Tuscaloosa bars will reopen Tuesday, bar owners optimistic

R&R Cigars owner Reagan Starner says he believes Tuscaloosa bars are committed to doing their part.

  State prepares for surge in COVID-19 cases after Labor Day celebrations

The highest daily count of new COVID cases happened the weekend before Labor Day.

  State health leaders hoping to avoid the holiday COVID-19 case spike

With millions of people traveling this Labor Day, there are concerns from health officials across the country that it could lead to a new spike in coronavirus cases and deaths. We spoke with the state heath officer about his concerns.

  Students still concerned about rising COVID cases at the University of Alabama

Late Friday afternoon, the University of Alabama system reported 846 positive cases between August 28th and September 3. That brought the total number of students, faculty and staff at the University to test positive for COVID to more than 2,000 people since classes started.

Civil rights leader: vaccine distribution can be a big moment to address ‘systemic disparities’

“This is about systemic disparities,” said Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League.

Thousands attend Chilton County Fair amid pandemic

While some people who attended wore masks, others chose not to.

  Dinner Under the Stars

1918 Catering created Dinner Under the Stars to give customers a chance for social distancing while spending time with family or friends this Labor Day Weekend.

  Jefferson County health department reports low numbers from COVID-19 surge testing

Officials with the Jefferson County Department of Health said they didn’t reach the overall goal of 1,500 tests per day at the two surge testing sites, but they said the sites were still a success.

  Jefferson County health officials say flu season could potentially infect fewer people this year

The start of flu season is coming up this fall and health officials are encouraging everyone to get their vaccines.

  Defibrillators at the Lakeshore-Greenway trail saving lives

Taking a stroll or going for a jog on the Shades Creek Greenway-Lakeshore Trail is now a bit safer with three new AEDs, along the trail.

UA System: Number of positive students nearly doubles in a week at UA in Tuscaloosa

The University of Alabama System now reports 2,240 positive COVID-19 cases among students since August 19, up from the 1,177 as of August 28.

  More rapid testing on the way to Alabama

We could soon see a lot more antigen COVID-19 testing in Alabama. That's the rapid tests that can provide results in minutes

  Dr. Mackey urges caution as schools resume in-person learning

State superintendent Eric Mackey says his office alone is fielding hundreds of calls from parents who want kids to go back to in-person learning,

  Researchers: Clinical vaccine trials need more diversity

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Black and Latino people make up more than half of the reported COVID-19 cases in the United States, but as vaccine trials continue, researchers are finding it tough to get participation from non-white participants.

  St. Vincent’s Hospital looking for volunteers for COVID-19 vaccines

St. Vincent’s Hospital would like to see more volunteers to take part in their study for a vaccine to help against the coronavirus.

  Anniston firm experimenting with possible COVID-19 treatment

Pinnacle Research is a company located right across the street from Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center.

Free drive-through COVID-19 testing sites available

This opportunity is offered regardless of whether the person is experiencing symptoms or has been tested previously.

99-year-old COVID-19 patient released from hospital, days before her 100th birthday

On Wednesday, 99-year-old Anna Jo Thomas was released from Covenant Health after being hospitalized for COVID-19. She was hospitalized for a week and was sent home with a large celebration and a birthday cake. You see, she will turn 100 years old on Sept. 19.

  Doctors: Steroids show promise as COVID-19 treatment, but when you take them is key to increasing survival

Steroids are cheap and accessible but that doesn’t mean everyone should run out and get them.

  Clinical trial for COVID-19 treatment begins in Cullman, participants needed

Hundreds of people will take a drug normally used to treat parasites.

  Alabama student learns of health issue from DNA testing kit

Her 23andMe results came back, and she knew she needed to take them to her doctor.

  State Health Officer: “We don’t want Labor Day to be a replay of Independence Day”

Cases of COVID-19 continued to climb for weeks after the 4th of July, with hospitalizations setting in-patient records one day, and breaking them the next. The trend continued until August.

  University of Alabama updates COVID testing efforts

Rapid testing for COVID-19 is being used to identify and test University of Alabama students who may have been exposed to the virus.

Delays but no glitch in COVID-19 reporting; State prepares for vaccine

The state’s current average for new daily COVID-19 cases stands at 870, according to ADPH.

  UAB studying whether convalescent plasma can treat, prevent COVID-19

Researchers at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) are investigating whether convalescent plasma can be used as an effective therapy for people recently infected with COVID-19 and if it can prevent infection in people who have been exposed to the virus.

Buffets can reopen in Alabama under the Safer at Home Order

Restaurants and food establishments that offer buffets and salad bars were allowed to open as of August 31 at 5:00 p.m.

  Gadsden Etowah EMA Director: Numbers down, but don’t get your hopes up yet

The county still hasn’t seen steady declines over 14 days to get it out of the very high-risk category.

UA issues more than 400 conduct referrals for COVID violations

Dr. Bell went on to say those who fail to abide by UA’s Health and Safety protocols face serious consequences.

  Did COVID-19 cause only 6% of coronavirus deaths?

There’s been plenty of chatter on social media after the CDC released data saying only 6% of COVID-19 deaths were caused by the virus, and the other 94% had other contributing factors that lead to death.

  Doctor: Study of children with COVID-19 highlights importance of widespread testing

The study did not examine if the children were transmitting the virus during this phase, but researchers said, “Cases of children with undocumented COVID-19 are worrisome because they could facilitate the rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the community.”

Hoover City Schools will transition to 5-day a week instruction for traditional students

Five (5) days of in-person instruction beginning Monday, September 21.

  Georgia man welcomed home after months-long battle with COVID-19

Things have since changed for Kenneth Smith after he spent 100 days on a ventilator. The 22-year military veteran is now known as “Miracle Man”

  Birmingham Parks and Rec department concerned furloughs will cripple services

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin proposed the fiscal year 2021 budget on August 18, the same day as furlough notices were sent in the mail to city employees affected by budget cuts.

UA System: More than 1,000 COVID-19 positive students in Tuscaloosa since Aug. 19

The University of Alabama System now reports 1,063 positive COVID-19 cases among students since August 19, up from the 571 as of August 24.

After cancer diagnosis, RSA’s Bronner urges check-ups, screenings

Bronner, 75, has led RSA for more than 40 years. He said he had no signs or symptoms of the cancer and credits his “hero” dentist for detecting it at a routine appointment.

  UAB has new tool to keep students safe

UAB has yet another way to keep its students safe during this pandemic. We’ve been hearing about how the university has been using GuideSafe to promote safer re-entry to colleges and universities in Alabama, and now “Sentinel Testing” takes that a step further.

Jackson-Olin football team will quarantine for 14 days, game cancelled

The Jackson-Olin football team is in a 14-day quarantine after a student-athlete tested positive for COVID-19.

Auburn University reentry testing results show 4 percent positivity rate

Auburn University’s reentry testing results show there was a 4 percent positivity rate among students returning for classes this fall, the university announced Thursday.

  Mass testing underway after Jefferson Co. identified as COVID-19 hot spot

The White House Coronavirus Task Force and the U.S. Department of Human and Health Services have designated metro Birmingham as a COVID-19 hot spot.

In-person student organization events prohibited, no housing visitation at JSU

JSU leaders said, “Any organization that allegedly violates this directive will be referred to the Director of Community Standards and Student Ethics for disciplinary review.”

  AL state health officer reacts to CDC updated COVID-19 testing guidelines

Previous CDC testing guidance said anyone who had close contact with someone with coronavirus should get tested, whether they have symptoms or not; that has been changed.

  WHO: Kids 5 and under should not be forced to wear masks

New guidance from the WHO and UNICEF challenges recommendations from the CDC, which suggests children two years of age and older should wear a mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19.