Heart of Alabama

  Heart Gallery Alabama: David, Andrew & Devlynne

Siblings David, Andrew & Devlynne are looking for their forever family.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Hunter

Hunter is independent and is good at solving problems. He enjoys playing sports, and is affectionate and loves to tell jokes.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: David

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Monique

Monique is a social butterfly. She likes basketball, playing outside, and watching TV. Monique does well in school.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Josiah

Josiah longs for a family so that he can feel less alone and more loved. He is well mannered and polite. He does well in school and loves sports.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Jasmyne

Jasmyne is a very respectful, joyous child. She desires to complete her education and go on to college. She is an honor roll student and enjoys playing basketball.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Devontae

Devontae is 18 years old. He loves sports, especially basketball. Devontae is a bright child who needs someone to provide him a forever family.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Jalunnie

Jalunnie describes himself as a fun, cool kid who can be laid back at times. Others describe him as bubbly, helper and a leader. He is friendly and likes to feel important.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Dallas

Dallas is an energetic, inquisitive boy who loves to be outdoors. He loves animals, music, playing video games, flying his drone, and swimming. He is well-mannered, loving, giving, and loves to share.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Kendall

Kendall is a sweet girl with a huge heart who always tries to make others happy!

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Rebecca

Rebecca enjoys trying new activities and has recently participated in swimming lessons and Future Business Leaders of America. She also enjoys drawing and football.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Eric

Eric is a laid back and friendly young man. He enjoys electronics, music, camping, playing basketball, swimming, hunting, and outings.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Lauryn

Lauryn makes A/B honor roll and has been accepted into the Gifted program at her school. She enjoys dancing, swimming, and being outside. She also enjoys doing craft projects and art.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Jamarius

Jamarius, born in December 2004, is described as a charismatic and friendly boy with an infectious smile. He wants to be a Blue Angel Pilot or go into the military when he grows up.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Isis

Isis likes to write poetry and songs. She loves to play basketball and is very active in the church youth group. She is charming and a joy to be around.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Gerald

Gerald is very sweet and very helpful at home. He is easy to bond with and often makes people smile.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a creative and smart young lady who enjoys drawing, coloring, listening to rock music, and reading fantasy novels.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Jose

Jose is a kind child with good manners and a big heart.

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  Heart Gallery Alabama: Angel

Angel, born March 2009, is an energetic, happy and friendly little girl.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Aidan B.

Heart Gallery Alabama’s (HGA) mission is raising awareness, educating the public and finding forever families for children in foster care in Alabama.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Aidan B.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Ingnaicio, Isaiah, Issac & Jasmine

Heart Gallery Alabama: Ingnaicio, Isaiah, Issac & Jasmine

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Makel

Makel loves to play with his cars, blocks, and look at books. He enjoys going to his preschool and does well with a consistent schedule. Makel is a very good listener and is very active.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Carlisha and Anthony

Heart Gallery

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Ethan & Austin

Ethan and Austin have always been placed together. Ethan is very protective of his younger brother. Ethan is very talkative and social. Austin is a bit more shy.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Calvin

Calvin, born March 2004, is a very fun and energetic kid. wants to be an NBA star when get older, but if that doesn’t work out he wants to be a lawyer. Calvin is looking for a loving family who will spend time with him and support him.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Jaovani

Jaovani enjoys playing basketball and video games. His favorite subject in school is English.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Kenneth

Kenneth enjoys singing, drawing and learning to play instruments. He also enjoys attending football games and church.

  Heart Gallery Alabama: Mariah

Mariah is a sweet and somewhat shy girl with a bright smile. She enjoys girly things, makeup and clothes. Mariah likes sports and describes herself as smart, nice and responsible.