Doing Good

  Young boy donates to homeless community

He started leaving the winter coats in highly populated areas where his homeless neighbors reside in order for them to come and “shop for” what they needed.

Rosetta Jackson ‘Doing Good’ at the bus stop

  ’Doing Good’ officer stars in movie premiere

  Pastor Gary Furr “Doing Good” with an app for Good Samaritans

  ‘Doing Good’ is good for you!

  Yates Constructors and Engineers ‘Doing Good’

  Liz McGuire is ‘Doing Good’ at Oak Mountain Mission

Continued Coverage

  Super Volunteer Martha Hester is ‘Doing Good’ at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center

  Elizabeth Macklem ‘Doing Good’ at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center NICU

  McDonald’s USA ‘Doing Good’

  Officer Lane Harper ‘Doing Good’ in Birmingham’s East Precinct

  Jeannine Bailey ‘Doing Good’ for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

  Rev. Eddie Perry ‘Doing Good’ for the homeless

  Doing Good: Adopt A Golden

Maggie McDonald is "Doing Good" as she works to strengthen the Adopt A Golden rescue organization in Birmingham.

  Doing Good: Eastern Tree Service

Helping people is part of the company culture at Eastern Tree Service.

  Doing Good: My Sister’s Closet

My Sister’s Closet has everything a woman might need, but might not be able to afford.

  Billy Ivey ‘Doing Good’ with Napkinisms

A Shelby County dad’s inspiring notes to his children are going viral.

  Teens “Doing Good” at Linn Park

  Joyful Stitchers “Doing Good”

  Red Cross Volunteer Donald Childress “Doing Good”

  Alabama Woodworkers Guild “Doing Good”

  Frank Tucci “Doing Good” at The Red Barn

  Mika Wall “Doing Good” with Layah’s Ministry

  Norton’s Florist ‘Doing Good’ for the Alzheimer’s Association

It's the busiest week for Norton's Florist as they prepare for Mother's Day. They will prepare more than 2,000 arrangements and will be handling about 40,000 stems. All of those arrangements carry a message of love but none is more special than the arrangement called "Debby's Delight".

  A neighborhood in Moody “Doing Good”

The Arbors subdivision in Moody is covered up with blue bows. There are more than a hundred mailboxes adorned with the bows which stand as a salute of support to first responders. It’s all part of the “Turning The Arbors Blue” project.

  Jeff Hartley “Doing Good” as an organ donor

Jeff Hartley gets emotional talking about the day he met Kevin Hill; a stranger in need of a life saving kidney.

  Martha Council “Doing Good” for Birmingham’s homeless

If you need a free meal, a safe place or just someone to listen to you, Martha Council knows exactly where you can go.

  Pat Mikula “Doing Good” with Mothers Sisters and Daughters

Pat Mikula is the co-founder of “Mothers Sisters and Daughters”; a prayer group that started in her home. Once a month they serve a lunch to senior citizens at Princeton Towers, paying for most of it out of their own pockets.

  Bradley Gilbert “Doing Good” at Homewood Flowers

If you see Bradley Gilbert coming to your front door, prepare yourself. You’re about to get a flower bomb.

  Tracie Mark Smith “Doing Good” with Grace Klein Community

Tracie is the team coordinator for the non-profit ministry which distributes more than 300 food boxes once a month to more than a thousand families in the Birmingham area.

  Ruth Davis “Doing Good” for Lucky Dogs

Stray dogs, neglected dogs, abused dogs. They all have a friend in Ruth Davis. Over the years, these “down on their luck” canines have somehow found their way to Ruth’s door and she never turns them away.

  Lindy Cleveland “Doing Good” at Unless U

"Unless U" is the brainchild of Lindy Cleveland. It's a school offering continuing education to adults with special needs who have aged out of special ed courses in high school.

  Dr. Cameron Askew “Doing Good” as a Komen Big Wig

Sometimes you have to do something silly to achieve something serious. That’s exactly what Dr. Cameron Askew is doing wearing a pink wig as she talks to her patients.

  Coach Steve Sills “Doing Good” at Homewood Middle School

Coach Steve Sills is helping a generation of students at Homewood Middle School learn lessons that go beyond the classroom.

  Joy Craddock “Doing Good” on MLK Day

On MLK Day, many people will be doing volunteer work as a way of honoring civil rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Joy Craddock will be leading the way for one community, as part of HandsOn Birmingham.

  Sharea Dugger “Doing Good” as a dog groomer

Dog groomer, Sharea Dugger, has been a blessing to Tallulah, the goldendoodle WBRC is volunteering to train through Service Dogs of Alabama. Sharea is providing free grooming to keep Lula looking her best.

  Ashley Taylor “Doing Good” with Service Dogs of Alabama

Ashley Taylor is the head trainer at Service Dogs of Alabama; a non-profit that has helped hundreds of people receive the service dogs they desperately need.

  Christmas Decorators “Doing Good”

When it comes to decorating Christmas trees, Leanne Barrett and her sister Leslie McDuffie say it's all about the lights, the color and the love of family.

Know someone “Doing Good”? Nominate them!

Do you know someone who is “Doing Good”? We need your help to find the wonderful people throughout our area who are doing good things for others.

  Birmingham Optimists “Doing Good” as Salvation Army Bellringers

Members of the Birmingham Optimist Club are veteran bellringers for the Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign. For more than 20 years they have volunteered to work a shift on a downtown street corner.

  Calvin Tucker “Doing Good” for Homeless Cats

Calvin Tucker is a stray cat’s best friend. Every day he feeds 92 stray and feral cats at 14 locations all over the Birmingham area from Highway 280, to Homewood, to Bessemer, to McCalla.

  Ama Shambulia, “Doing Good” at the WE Cafe

The WE Cafe is a charming diner in West End where the food is delicious, healthy and made from scratch. The pay-as-you-can community restaurant was developed under the watchful eye of director Ama Shambulia.

  Bryan Kirkland; a good neighbor “Doing Good”

A woman and her three little dogs were attacked by two pitbulls in a quiet Leeds neighborhood last Thursday and the hero who saved them may surprise you.

  Fazo the Clown ‘Doing Good’ at UAB

Fazo the Clown is "Doing Good at UAB hospital as he leads the closed circuit broadcast of The Bingo Show throughout UAB Hospital.

  Ted Speaker ‘Doing Good’ at The Crisis Center

Ted Speaker is among the volunteers answering the Crisis Line at Birmingham’s Crisis Center. They are changing lives one phone call at a time.

  Sherry Webb “Doing Good” at First Light Shelter

When homeless women walk through the doors of First Light they are met by friendly faces but what they may not realize is they are about to meet their very best friend, Sherry Webb.

  Dr. Tom Edwards “Doing Good” at Hope Health Center

Dr. Tom Edwards meets with about a dozen patients every day who come to the Hope Health Center in Fairfield for low cost, accessible health care. 85% of them are receiving government aid or are uninsured and many are elderly or disabled.

  Danielle Wilson “Doing Good” at Children’s Harbor Family Center

Danielle Wilson is a professional hairstylist offering haircuts and styling to patients at Children’s of Alabama through the Children’s Harbor Family Center. She’s there twice a week to help those who are unable to leave the hospital.