Absolutely Alabama

  A sweet beachbound destination

Located along Highway 231 just south of Montgomery in Pike Road, SweetCreek is a sweet destination and a great place to take a break if you’re traveling.

  Absolutely Alabama: Sweet Creek Farm Market

It’s located in Pike Road and the destination is called Sweet Creek Farm Market and it’s Absolutely Alabama.

  Absolutely Alabama: Navy Cove Oysters

What is oyster ranching? For that we take you to a place called Navy Cove.

  Absolutely Alabama: Murder Creek Distillery

  Absolutely Alabama: Red Snapper Fishing

This is a first for our state and, according to the department, this will increase fishing opportunities as well as bringing economic benefits.

  Absolutely Alabama: The Barn Group

  Absolutely Alabama: Slade Lecroy

Slade has moved on from drumsticks to custom wooden bowls, salvaged from downed trees and turned into works of which are Absolutely Alabama.

  Absolutely Alabama: Left Hand Soap Company

Her name is Soapy, and she’s left-handed. And her company is called Left-Hand Soap Company.

  Absolutely Alabama: Extreme green farms

  Absolutely Alabama: Extreme Green Farm

When you hear his story, it’s pretty obvious Ralf Du Toit has come a long way in more ways than one.

  Absolutely Alabama: Sam Romano

From the beginnings of radars, computers and a program which put men on the moon, Sam Romano’s story is Absolutely Alabama.

  Absolutely Alabama: Sam Romano

  Absolutely Alabama: Introducing Ques ‘N’ Brews

If your choices are still somewhat limited by our shared situation but you still want to do some celebrating at home this weekend, there's a way to do that and stay local as well.

  Absolutely Alabama: Full Moon BBQ

From The Tennessee Valley to The Wire Grass, no doubt you’ve seen the familiar Smiling Moon, emblematic of a well-known BBQ restaurant named Full Moon.

  Absolutely Alabama: Boyd Harvest Farm

Never has the phrase Farming Feeds Alabama been more true than today. Yet, on family farms the pandemic has presented special concerns.

  Farm to Fabric: Redland Cotton

  Shelton State Community College planning virtual Decision Day for incoming students

Students enrolling at the school for the first time are being asked to contribute selfies to the celebration.

  Absolutely Alabama: The Shirt Shop

In Downtown Tuscaloosa, one small business has been a regular shopping spot for over 40 years.

  Absolutely Alabama: The Art of the Bladesmith

  Absolutely Alabama: Easter Bunny Fishing

Who wouldn’t want to go fishing with an Easter Bunny who’s Absolutely Alabama?

  A special Enterprise: Boll Weevil Soap Company

  Absolutely Alabama: Black Belt Bird Dogs

Because lots of us have been forced to stay at home these days, everyone is utilizing social media more. Lots of the stay-at-home time also means more time with our pets.

  Absolutely Alabama: Otey Putters

The name Otey (pron o-d) Crisman runs through the history of sports in our state and the entire Southeast.

  Absolutely Alabama: Sturdivant Hall

Originally built by Colonel Edward Watts as a weekend getaway home, Selma’s Sturdivant Hall has stood the test of time.

  Absolutely Alabama: Houndstooth Game Calls

This is the time of year when a certain segment of our population goes a little crazy and they’re are called turkey hunters.

  Absolutely Alabama: Native American Pictograph

The Bankhead National Forest lies in Northwest Alabama where The Black Warrior Mountains meet The Tennessee River Valley.

  Absolutely Alabama: The Hooper House

Michelle Louze grew up on The Gulf Coast and had a successful career as a professional photographer but along the way she picked up a few other skills.

  Absolutely Alabama: Bow and Arrow BBQ

Bow and Arrow Barbecue in Auburn combines a taste of Texas with a Southern accents.

  Absolutely Alabama: Scott McQueen Folk Art

Scott McQueen was once pastor of a growing church in Fayette County.

  Absolutely Alabama: The Worst Fishing Show Ever

Many of our travels introduce us to special places in our state; some are the best or the first or one-of-a-kind but Blount County brings us a different kind of story.