Absolutely Alabama

  Absolutely Alabama: Family farm to family table

A real life field of dreams

Sam still teaches lots of baseball at the camp called Baseball Country in Jena in Greene County.

  Absolutely Alabama: Field of Dreams

  Absolutely Alabama: Drawn Out of Water

Absolutely Alabama: Gardens, The Gulf, Cowboys and Memories

This week you’re going to meet a World Champion named Ryder and when you meet someone named Ryder, so you even have to ask what he does?

  Absolutely Alabama: Jubilee Decor

The holiday season is just around the corner, and while our celebrations may be a little different this year, there’s a place in rural Covington County where the celebration never ends.

  Absolutely Alabama: Cheesy Bites - Smokin' Sauces

Art is in the air

An art show in Northwest Alabama is currently displaying over sixty works from artists from all over the state.

  Absolutely Alabama: Alabama Plein Air Artists

  David Nix Art

Five generations of farming

For five generations the Allman Family has farmed the land on Straight Mountain which has always been famous for tomatoes.

  Absolutely Alabama: Allman Farms

Message in a Bottle

The man behind the message says, “I’d throw in three to five cases at a time. Some of them were little messages that I wrote, any way to express the Love of God.”

  Absolutely Alabama: Hooked On Fishing

  Absolutely Alabama: Momma’s Bait and Tackle

Like many returning veterans, he found the transition to civilian life difficult until he rediscovered his true passion.

  Absolutely Alabama: Goat yoga

The Yoga classes are suspended for now, but the goats haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, Lookout Mountain Goat Ranch Originals is getting bigger.

  A sweet beachbound destination

Located along Highway 231 just south of Montgomery in Pike Road, SweetCreek is a sweet destination and a great place to take a break if you’re traveling.

  Absolutely Alabama: Sweet Creek Farm Market

It’s located in Pike Road and the destination is called Sweet Creek Farm Market and it’s Absolutely Alabama.

  Absolutely Alabama: Navy Cove Oysters

What is oyster ranching? For that we take you to a place called Navy Cove.

  Absolutely Alabama: Murder Creek Distillery

  Absolutely Alabama: Red Snapper Fishing

This is a first for our state and, according to the department, this will increase fishing opportunities as well as bringing economic benefits.

  Absolutely Alabama: The Barn Group

  Absolutely Alabama: Slade Lecroy

Slade has moved on from drumsticks to custom wooden bowls, salvaged from downed trees and turned into works of which are Absolutely Alabama.

  Absolutely Alabama: Left Hand Soap Company

Her name is Soapy, and she’s left-handed. And her company is called Left-Hand Soap Company.

  Absolutely Alabama: Extreme green farms

  Absolutely Alabama: Extreme Green Farm

When you hear his story, it’s pretty obvious Ralf Du Toit has come a long way in more ways than one.

  Absolutely Alabama: Sam Romano

From the beginnings of radars, computers and a program which put men on the moon, Sam Romano’s story is Absolutely Alabama.

  Absolutely Alabama: Sam Romano

  Absolutely Alabama: Introducing Ques ‘N’ Brews

If your choices are still somewhat limited by our shared situation but you still want to do some celebrating at home this weekend, there's a way to do that and stay local as well.

  Absolutely Alabama: Full Moon BBQ

From The Tennessee Valley to The Wire Grass, no doubt you’ve seen the familiar Smiling Moon, emblematic of a well-known BBQ restaurant named Full Moon.