Cassie Fambro

Cassie Fambro

Cassie Fambro is an award-winning journalist who started her career in print reporting before transitioning to broadcast journalism.

She graduated with academic honors from The University of South Alabama with a double major in psychology and journalism and a minor in criminal justice.

Cassie is an ardent supporter of the first amendment and the freedom of the press, and never takes for granted the responsibility that entails.

She came to Birmingham from coastal Alabama but has lived in six states. Cassie joined the WBRC FOX6 News team in April 2020 as a reporter/multi-media journalist.

She is part of a military family, an Army veteran father and an active Air Force brother.

Cassie enjoys motorsports, supporting animal rescues, and trying new wines.

Contact her anytime by emailing her at, tweeting her @FambroMedia or reaching out on Facebook at Cassie Fambro WBRC.

Her motto: Everyone matters.

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