Flag football for girls coming to two Tuscaloosa County schools

Atlanta Falcons helping HS Flag Football grow in Alabama
Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 5:44 PM CDT

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Two Tuscaloosa County schools got the news they had hoped to hear from the Atlanta Falcons. That’s right, the NFL team Atlanta Falcons. The schools were chosen to begin their respective flag football program for girls.

The two schools chosen by the Arthur Blank Foundation were Brookwood High School and Holt High School in Tuscaloosa County. Starting next year, they will join the other county high schools with their flag football teams.

Tuscaloosa County High School already has a high school flag football team.

“I tackle and usually gets the most tackles,” said Tuscaloosa County High School senior linebacker Shokendria Burrell.

Burrell has the most tackles and is the first to extend a ‘welcome’ to the league to Brookwood High School and Holt High.

“We say welcome. It’ll be fun. I think they’ll really enjoy it and something new to start with girls and creates a bond among all of us,” said Burrell.

And therein lies one of the fundamental goals; create bonds and lasting memories, according to Stacy Lawler, who is the county school district’s Coordinator of Athletics.

“Any time you can get a group of kids to have that kind experience. It makes us better. We’re wanting out kids to experience this and get them ready for the next journey down the line,” said Lawler.

Both Holt and Brookwood submitted grants to the Arthur Blank Foundation to start their programs. With the Falcons based in Atlanta, flag football for high schools girls is huge in Georgia.

“It’s is so popular. It is growing like wildfire. The girls love it and the passion is out of this world. It’s one of the fastest growing sport in our state with around 250 high school programs with flag football,” said Atlanta Falcons Community Relations Director Amanda Dinkel.

Back in Tuscaloosa County, kick-off for the two new schools is set for next fall on the gridiron.

Right now, there are four county high schools playing flag football. With Brookwood and Holt coming next year, that brings it to six.

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