Woman thanks first responders who helped save premature baby

Published: Sep. 6, 2023 at 8:17 PM CDT
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TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - A miracle baby in West Alabama! Baby Kori came into the world weighing barely over a pound, and there were doubts whether she would survive. But she did, and six months later, she is thriving.

Wednesday, little Kori’s mom got to thank the first responders who were there after the birth. It was tearful, indeed, tears dipped in gratefulness. Kamille Horne wanted to show her appreciation to not only the first responders at NorthStar, but also those who played a crucial role in Kori’s survival with the Tuscaloosa Fire Department.

“I think I was pretty calm,” said Kamille Horne.

Kamille Horne’s life changed in a hurry in mid-March. Horne was at home when little Kori let her know in a dramatic way she was on the way. We’re talking 13 weeks early on the way. There was pain and then the reckoning.

“I was on my hands and knees and something just told me to push,” said Horne.

Kori Horne was born, but in danger.

“I just said ‘breathe Kori, breathe,’ and she was breathing a little. Her chest went up and down,” said Horne.

Kamille told her mom who was nearby in the home to call 911. She says the 911 dispatcher told her to tie a ribbon around the cord and wrap Kori in a blanket.

“I was the one who cut the cord,” said Tuscaloosa Fire Paramedic Tyler Jones.

Jones was the first to reach Kori. By his own admission, the veteran paramedic quietly had doubts whether the baby would make it because nothing is fully formed at 13 weeks premature, especially the lungs.

“The less she was moving, the less air that was moving. We couldn’t get her to cry,” said Jones.

At this point in the race against time, Jones handed the newborn to NorthStar paramedic Katie Delbridge who didn’t have time to think; just react and let the training kick in.

“I took the baby, and in that moment, I wasn’t thinking about anything but her breathing and I knew the outcomes aren’t as usually good as this one,” said Delbridge.

The outcome was more than good. Kori Horne survived, thrived in the hospital, and is now a healthy 11 pounds, according to the family.

Six months later, Kamille Horne got a chance to express the very words she wanted to convey to the first responders who were there in the crucible, those tenuous moments of a new life.

“I just want to thank y’all for all y’all have done. If y’all weren’t there it would have been a different outcome,” Kamille Horne told first responders.

Kori Horne: Miracle baby with a grateful momma.

“It’s one for the books, I can say that,” said Horne.

One for the books, and one for the family album on how it all came to be for little Kori Horne.

Paramedic Katie Delbridge summed it well when asked if this was her medical call involving a newborn. Delbridge said, “It was not the first, but the best.’

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