The history of Spring Valley Beach Water Park

Spring Valley Beach Water Park
Published: Jun. 5, 2023 at 2:21 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The history of Spring Valley Beach Water Park.

Burgess Spring Lake

Before Allen Gilliland bought what would later become Spring Valley Beach Water Park it was owned by Rob Burgess and operated under the name Burgess Spring Lake. Allen and his family visited the lake in the early 70′s and the lake immediately stood out to him as a fantastic attraction. In 1972 Allen purchased the lake and for a while it operated under the name ‘Allen’s Lake’. The lake itself was spring fed and had a sandy bottom and sand all around the sides. Children would often play in the sand and build sandcastles just like they were at the beach, so the name was changed to ‘Spring Valley Beach’.

From Lake to Pool

Eventually, as crowds began to grow larger and larger Allen decided to do away with the sand and create what would become the largest pool in the Southeast! The pool’s water is still fed by the same natural spring, and only a few miles up the road that very same spring’s water is being used to bottle water.

Time to Slide!

In 1980 Allen built the first water slide at Spring Valley Beach. It was made of concrete and snaked down the hillside in a curving pattern. In 1982 he builds a second slide out of concrete that mirrored the first slide.

The next slide, the snake slide, was installed in 1991. A few years later when Allen’s son Travis came home from college, they had a serious discussion about Travis running the park. They came to an agreement that if Travis came on board, there would need to be some improvements to the park. They started by upgrading the filtration system and adding a kiddie area in the main pool.

In 1999 a new slide called the Sidewinder was added. After that, they added the straight and tunnel slides. The next slide added was the 360 Rush which brought the park national attention by having them featured in the Travel Channel’s Extreme Water Parks. Most recently, the original concrete slides were replaced with three stripe slides.

This year, Spring Valley Beach debuted a new slide, the Double Tornado. This slide is a two-to-four-person ride suited for family-friendly days in the sun. This slide is 75 feet tall with a slow start until you hit the first drop and experience the wild ride.

About Spring Valley Beach Water Park

Spring Valley Beach Water Park is nestled away on 25 acres making for a perfect get-a-way adventure for the whole family. Spring Valley Beach Water Park has been recognized as a “Driving Destination”, an “Absolutely Alabama attraction”, and a “Tennessee Valley Treasure.” Spring Valley Beach Water Park is a charming, one-of-a-kind, family-owned water park; it is the only water park in the southeast where you can bring your own picnic basket or grill to the park, provides free suntan lotion, and offers free parking. With more than 20 gazebos and pavilion areas, 10 thrilling water slides, the Southeast’s largest pool, and a huge Kids water playground; Spring Valley Beach really does provide something for any occasion.

Spring Valley Beach Water park has continued to be one of the premier travel destinations in the South. Whether guests seek thrilling water slides or a relaxing experience, Spring Valley offers something for every age and interest.

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