Birmingham city leaders looking to tackle waste management issue

Published: May. 26, 2023 at 8:17 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The last thing you want to see as you look out from your window at home is a pile of garbage. However, that is a view that many possess for days on end.

Waste management remains a huge point of contention in the Magic City. Some folks have recently been complaining about the size of the trash and brush piles in the Roebuck Springs neighborhood.

The trash piles in Roebuck Springs were scheduled for pick up on Friday, but they were still there early in the afternoon. City leaders recognize there is a problem, and stress they are working to resolve the issue.

“It has been a source of frustration for me in particular, the way that the city has done waste management up to this point,” said City Councilor Darrell O’Quinn.

Just this week, the city reworked some of their waste management ordinances as they move to automated trash pick up. Now, any trash left outside of your provided bin will not be picked up, and it could lead to fines.

“I think that moving forward, you will see other sections of the code amended to address some of the chronic problems we have seen with dumping,” said O’Quinn.

Councilor O’Quinn says that is not the city’s only strategy. Construction dumping remains an issue, and he would like all those who obtain a building permit to show a receipt for a construction dumpster. That way the waste doesn’t end up on your street corner. Lastly, he wants to use technology to help catch those who are dumping in the city.

“Part of our strategy is connecting more private security camera systems with the Real Time Crime Center,” said O’Quinn.

He says the hope is this will capture evidence and allow the courts to punish those improperly disposing of trash.

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