Bullet hole found in Moundville Times office

Bullet hole found in Moundville Times office
Published: May. 18, 2023 at 5:33 PM CDT
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MOUNDVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - A west Alabama newspaper editor didn’t have far to look to find his lead story for the weekly paper. This after someone fired a round into the newspaper building.

Moundville Times Editor Travis Vaughn still doesn’t know what to make of it - who would fire off a round at the newspaper office and why.

“It’s very scary, very disturbing because of what it could’ve been,” said Vaughn.

It could’ve been a real tragedy. The gunman shot into what is the foyer of the newspaper building, a room where customers often come and do business. But it happened a few nights ago. The bullet ricocheted off the chair railing inside and came to rest in a wall.

“Yes, you worry about that. You try to do a good job and be fair, but you have to cover the news. Could be somebody with a message, retaliatory, back off,” said Vaughn.

“We believe it occurred at night,” said Moundville Police Investigator Cole Ward.

Investigators say they have a couple of leads, but no arrest in the case. The motive? Still unclear.

“I would say if you do this type of stuff in Moundville, we will find out who it is and we will put you in jail,” said Investigator Ward.

Vaughn, meantime, is mighty thankful there were no injuries. Regardless of why this was done, he says, there was no excuse.

“I am hoping it’s just a random act and stupidity,” said Vaughn.

Ward says the minimum charge would be shooting into an unoccupied building which would make the crime a felony.

Bullet hole found in Moundville Times office
Bullet hole found in Moundville Times office(WBRC)

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