Calera PD: Tag reader cameras lead to rescue of kidnapped child

License plate cameras helping Calera police
Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 8:20 AM CDT|Updated: Mar. 28, 2023 at 5:43 PM CDT
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CALERA, Ala. (WBRC) - A child believed to have been kidnapped several states away was rescued in Calera March 27.

Calera Police say its tag reader cameras notified them of a vehicle suspected to be involved with an abducted child. Officers responded and recovered the child and arrested the suspect.

The tag readers only notify police when a tag involved with a crime is detected. This is the fourth child that has been rescued since the department got the cameras.

Like many other law enforcement agencies Calera has installed these cameras on major highways and subdivisions to help with what they like to call proactive policing.

Calera installed their tag reader cameras a little over 2 years ago and it has helped them with over a thousand arrests.

Once a tag is captured, all officers and dispatchers receive a notification to their phones immediately.

Calera police chief David Hyche said, this goes hand and hand with their philosophy of proactive policing as it helps them increase their arrest rate.

“I think we are just scratching the surface on using these to combat sex trafficking, I-20 is considered the number one pipeline in the country for sex trafficking and I-65 is not far behind,” Hyche said. “We have three exists on I-65 and I really want to explore in the future working to rescue more children.”

The police department like many others are also short staffed and these cameras help with their response time.

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