Homewood woman frustrated no one will help her find stolen guns

Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 10:19 PM CDT
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HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WBRC) - A Homewood woman is frustrated because someone stole about a dozen guns and more than a year later she feels like she can’t get anyone in law enforcement interested in the case.

The ordeal started for Tiffany Morrow when her dad passed away and she began packing up part of his estate to send to her brother in Texas in December of 2021, including about a dozen firearms.

“Value of the guns is probably around $10,000, the sentimental value is more because my dad had just passed,” Morrow says. “And it’s just frustrating to know I may never see those items again that he held onto for so long.”

Tiffany says she alerted the moving company that part of the load would include guns, with some wrapped up in moving blankets, and others in gun cases. She says the movers showed up in a rental truck, loaded up and took off. But when the movers showed up at her brother’s house in Texas a few days later, all of the cargo was there, except most of the guns.

“I really have no idea what might have happened on the way there,” Morrow says. “I don’t know if the guns made it all the way to Texas, I know at least 1 did. My brother was able to see 1 was unloaded, but the other items weren’t unloaded and the driver just said ‘you’ll have to take it up with the company, this is all I have for you’ and took off.”

That’s where the family’s frustration began. Tiffany says she was passed from the moving company to a subcontractor who offered to settle, but Tiffany says they don’t want the money - they want to know where the guns are.

After months of waiting, Morrow says the moving company told her they found 2 of the missing guns in a moving truck abandoned in south Georgia.

“They did arrive in Texas and they were damaged, like forcefully damaged,” Morrow says. “Not like damaged in the move, but like somebody had tried to use the lever in a way that wasn’t supposed to be used and broke it. That was basically the last I heard of them.”

Tiffany says she filed a missing guns report with the ATF, and police in Texas told her to file a report with Homewood.

“I just kind of got the runaround but everybody kind of kept pointing back to Homewood and said since that’s the last place you saw them, they should start the investigation, and we will assist them,” Morrow says. “But I haven’t had any luck getting Homewood to do any further investigation.”

Homewood police says they had a detective take a report and review it and said: “The van left Homewood and went to Atlanta first and then onto Texas. We cannot prove that the theft occurred in Homewood or Jefferson County. We reviewed the case with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, and they concurred proof of theft in Jefferson County could not be determined. They also determined this case to be a civil matter.”

Now more than a year later, the guns are still missing and Tiffany worries she may not see them again, but has this advice:

“I would definitely pack your own items so no one knows the contents of what you’re moving,” Morrow advises. “I would definitely do as many Google searches for ratings and check out the BBB to see if they’ve gotten any bad ratings there. Because the more we dug into it we saw this company didn’t have the best ratings there and has had a lot of lost and stolen items.”

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