Parking lot controversy in downtown Northport

Parking lot closing in downtown Northport
Parking lot closing in downtown Northport(WBRC)
Published: Feb. 6, 2023 at 5:22 PM CST
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NORTHPORT, Ala. (WBRC) - There’s a little bit of a parking lot controversy going on in downtown Northport. The owner of a parking lot with more than 30 parking spots has decided to suddenly close the lot, a location patrons of diners and shops often use.

The parking lot owner also owns a downtown business. Northport city leaders confirm the owner wants a 3-year lease agreement with the city of Northport to the tune of $55,000.

Northport city councilwoman Jamie Dykes says this isn’t something they’re interesting in pursuing and consider this a non-issue.

The parking lot has 31 spaces, prime parking spots for folks who often have lunch on Main Street and do their shopping. We found two people who shared their thoughts on the matter.

“I can see it on both ends. With me being a pretty frequent customer it would be more convenient for me to park there but as an owner she definitely has her right and reason for wanting what she wants also,” said Tonisha Quarles.

“I think it’s silly.” said Bobby Rice. “I mean there’s no sense in it. I mean City Café has been parking over there for years, she just closed it up.”

One reason the city isn’t interested in a deal is because officials say they just spent about $200,000 in the last two years or so on street improvements which included adding a few single parking spaces along Main Street.

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