City of Talladega still working to get water system operating normally

Published: Dec. 27, 2022 at 7:04 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 30, 2022 at 1:00 PM CST
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TALLADEGA, Ala. (WBRC) - The City of Talladega is continuing to repair it’s water system after freezing weather damaged pipes and left citizens with out water for several days.

Talladega residents who lost water pressure are still under a boil recommendation as of Friday December 30th. See the City’s latest update below.

Residents have been asking the city for answers.

Residents told WBRC it started on Christmas day.

Heather Crumley was about to start washing dishes when she noticed only a small trickle of water coming out of her kitchen sink faucet.

Her first thought was issue with the pipes, so her husband checked it out but didn’t see anything.

They then checked with their neighbors and come to find out their whole street was out of water.

Luckily, Crumley’s husband had some water bottles, the kind used for tanks. They refilled them with water from a nearby creek to flush their toilets and they boiled the rest to wash their dishes.

They have two children and three dogs, and this issue is impacting their livelihood.

There is no estimate as to when the water will be back on, and they are afraid to leave their home due to fear of busted water lines when the water does come back on.

“My husband would have normally worked today but he’s been so busy trying to make sure everything was okay here with us because I can’t lift the big Zephyrhills water bottles when they are frozen with ice in them to the back of the toilet,” Crumley said.

Cindy Waites and her husband are going through the same issue.

They said they have had no water since yesterday.

Waites and her husband have reached out to the water department but have not received a call back from the emergency line.

Waites’s husband drove down to the water tank and saw people working but still no word on when the water will be back up and running again.

There are concerns with updates being released on Facebook. Waites doesn’t have a Facebook, her friends and neighbors are sending her updates through text messages.

Luckily Waites and her husband have rainwater they are using to flush their toilets, but they have also had to purchase water bottles for cooking and cleaning.

Many of their neighbors are experiencing the same issue. Many are struggling to feed their animals like dogs, cats, chickens and horses.

“You don’t realize how much water is important until you don’t have it, and this is an emergency situation,” Waites said. “Anything over 24 hours without water, to me in my opinion is an emergency situation.”

The city sent out the following statement on social media:

“Water Distribution will begin at 3 pm today, citizens from affected areas may fill up water jugs at the recycling center at 490 South Street West. This service will be available 7 am - 5 pm daily while water is still out in their homes. Please bring a container and a form of ID or a water bill. Cases of water will be given out at Wedhakee Mill, 400 Battle Street West, from 3 pm - 5 pm today and from 8 am - 5 pm tomorrow for citizens from affected areas. Please bring a water bill or ID.”

Below is a list of areas that are currently affected:

  • Forest Hills Area
  • Woolfolk Road Area
  • Geneva Road
  • Ashland Highway Area
  • Waldo Area
  • Marble Quarry Road / Area
  • Cherrywood Lane / Area
  • Mt. Olive Area
  • Black Snake Road / Area
  • Ironaton / Area
  • Grogan Road / Area
  • Whitson Road / Area
  • Stockdale Road / Area

Those who need assistance in securing water may contact the Talladega Police Department at (256) 362-4162 or the Talladega Water Department at (256) 362-4439.

Citizens from areas affected by the water shortage may utilize showers at the Spring Street Recreation Center from 1-4 pm, Tuesday, Dec. 27 - Friday, Dec. 30. Please bring proof of residency.

On Wednesday, Dec. 28, The City of Talladega Government posted the following on Facebook:

Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) has concurred that If you have been under constant pressure and have not lost water you may utilize water without boiling. All areas that have been reduced to no water or very low pressure should continue to boil water until such time as the boil water recommendation is lifted.

Please understand that the water being distributed is for residents who are without water. Our intention is not to exclude other residents, but to assist those who are in dire need of assistance.

On Thursday Dec. 29 The city post the following update:

Water Department Update

Crews are repairing a main break in the Mount Olive system this morning and filling the tank. Once both are completed, we will begin the process of resuppling the Waldo water system.

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