Gifted Hoover siblings both receive Alabama award

Published: Nov. 17, 2022 at 10:26 PM CST
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HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) - A Hoover brother and sister who are 2 years apart are celebrating winning the 2022 Outstanding Gifted Students award for the state of Alabama. This award is made to honor students who show excellence in leadership, intelligence, and making a difference in their community.

These two both show embody those attributes in different ways. Not only that, but they celebrate each other’s successes.

“We’ve basically done everything together since we were little,” said Sara Roy, a 9th grader at Hoover High School. It seems a natural extension of that connection for the brother and sister to both win this prestigious award.

“It’s just like, so’s really cool,” said Sara’s brother Alex Roy, a 7th grader at Simmons Middle School. Sara and Alex are involved in tons of extracurricular activities like math team, student diversity council, the school newspaper, sports, and more. They have many goals to make the world a better place; goals that go beyond the classroom and into the business world.

Alex said creating and selling soaps though his small business Soap’d has helped him learn more about consistency and perseverance, not to mention creativity.

“I can choose my own scents and colors, and I mix all of that together,” he said.

Sara’s hopes to use her homemade jewelry business Shine Like the Earth to bring awareness to important environmental issues.

“I released my earrings in collections that each [represent] a certain environmental issue,” Roy said. They say those businesses helped them win the award, but it sounds like the encouragement from school staff and importantly, their support for each other, will be what keeps them achieving for years to come.

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