Come along the WBRC “ghost” tour with the Southern Ghost Girls

Published: Oct. 31, 2022 at 10:43 AM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s Halloween and WBRC got into the spirit with a paranormal investigation right here on Red Mountain thanks to the Southern Ghost Girls.

The girls investigate activity at historic buildings, old houses, so for Halloween, they’re checking out WBRC.

“People may say that 3 am is the witching hour,” Paranormal Investigator with Southern Ghost Girls, Lesley Ann, said. “I think there is a lot of things that are active here because it’s sitting on Red Mountain.”

Let’s fire up the ghost busting dousing rods- Lesley Ann said she can feel the energy.

“We’re about to ask are there any spirits here,” Lesley Ann said.

“If there is a spirit here that would communicate with me can you please cross the rods, can you please cross the rods, and they crossed, so there is a spirit here,” Lesley Ann added.

By asking yes or no questions, the dousing rods are giving us more insight on our mysterious studio guest.

“We definitely picked up a male spirit, that’s here at the studio, that’s very happy to be back,” the paranormal expert said.

“Is there a spirit here that use to work here,? Lesley Ann asked. “Ok look guys it’s crossing.”

The Ghost Girls are picking up on something coming from the weather center.

Our photographer, Greg, is in the frame, but the machine is picking up activity to his left.

“We have a whole big reunion,” Lesley Ann said. “I think they’re probably here because they’re happy and they love this place.”

I can’t blame them for that... But maybe the go-lucky ghosts are responsible for camera two’s mischievous movements.

“So if there is a spirit that’s manipulating camera two, cross the rods for yes for me... and it crossed,” Lesley Ann said.

Ok I’ll stop blaming our producer Jeremy... for now.

Investigation closed!

“Friendly spirits are here, it’s really awesome,” Lesley Ann said with a smile!

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